How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service Software

Wed, Mar 29, 2023

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With businesses around the world opening up and millions of people commuting every day to work the demand for cleaning services has seen a boost. There has been an increase in demand for cleaning services software as people now rely heavily on technology to get their work done. It's not easy to manage a business at all, but to manage the business in the world we live in now? That’s even more hectic and troublesome. Your competition is increasing day by and you are always thinking of ways to be ahead of the competition.

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service Software

Some of the marketing strategies you can use in your cleaning business software are-

Knowing Your Target Market

You can save a lot of money if you focus on the target audience. This will help in the right allocation of funds and cost-cutting. Do proper research to find out the ideal target market for your business. If you have commercial cleaning services, then you need to sell your product to office buildings and if you own a residential cleaning service, your ideal customers will be homeowners.  

Have A Unique Selling Point (USP)

Whatever you do, it should be different from the rest. Set yourself apart so that it’s easy for customers to recognize your brand. Make sure that your difference is clearly visible to the visitors. Highlight it on the website so that it gets noticed. If you provide any insurance for your employees, it can be a selling point that will put your customers at ease and give them ease of mind. 

Off-Site SEO

If you are just starting your business there is a good chance that you do not have a website yet. And even if you do, people will not know about it instantly. Before you start working on the onsite SEO for your website, focus on the off-site SEO as well. If you can cash out from these marketing strategies then you can be on top of the game. But what are these offsite marketing? Some of the pointers which will help are listed below-

  1. Link building
  2. Podcasts
  3. Guest posts
  4. Social Media Marketing

When you start working on the offsite marketing, pay some attention to the onsite marketing as well. SEO optimization should be incorporated into your marketing and websites. Take your time with the process and expect the results quickly. It will take some time before the strategies reach their potential and bear you some results. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you have the budget, invest in some paid advertising while you simultaneously work on optimizing your content. Advertising on Google will give you a much-needed boost. Always try to use both organic and paid marketing strategies so that there is a balance. Pay Per Click will help you target the right person because they will be searching for specific keywords. It can also generate results far more quickly than the other marketing strategies.

Before your clients will make a decision, they will ask some key questions. You need to be well prepared for it.

What Essential Features Does Your Cleaning Management Software Have?

Having the right set of cleaning management tools is imperative so that the customers can rely on your software without any worry. Customers will expect the best cleaning management solutions delivered to their doorstep if they are going to pay for your services. So make sure you check the boxes of expectations right away.

Easy Scheduling

Everyone is busy nowadays and they do not have any idle time to sit around and work on maintaining the schedules for everyone. Plus if the company has a large number of employees, it will be a hassle to make a schedule and track the activities of the employees. That’s why to provide ease to your clients and make sure you optimize their time. If your cleaning business solutions offer features like easy scheduling for everyone, the clients are more likely to invest in your business. 

Employee And Client Engagement

Your software should provide a dashboard where the employees can easily log in and track all their activities. The software shall also include features where employees can easily note down-

  • The place where they are working from 
  • Maintain a blog for their day-to-day activities
  • Easy check-in and check-out timings
  • Request leaves

The main purpose of cleaning schedules software is to provide ease of access to your customers. A happy client means more traffic, revenue, and recognition. Provide them with facilities like-

  • Easy feedback and reviews feature
  • Customizable notifications and alerts for their software
  • A good support system should they encounter any issue

Ease Of Use

Don’t make your cleaning service software so tacky and difficult to use. This will drive away your customers faster than anything else. Your application should be so easy to learn and understand that the customers can use it from anywhere else. Integrate mobile applications in your software so that the customers can use it on the go!

Since most of your business will require you to move from one job to another in record time, there will be no need for complex interfaces.

Some Of The Best Available Cleaning Management Software 


Novagems is a smart automation software that makes scheduling, tracking, time management, and engagement effortless! You can easily send the tasks and reports to both clients and employees.

Attractive Features Provided-

  1. Scheduling and tracking for all
  2. Automated Reports Sending feature
  3. Geofencing so that you can track the movement of your employees
  4. Digital Timesheets 
  5. Client Management
  6. Easily send instructions and checklists
  7. Maintenance logsheet
  8. Work Order Management
  9. Great customer support is available 24/7


Mobohubb gives it services from security guards to mobile patrols. The guards can use this security guard management software to scan the checkpoints, enter the total time worked, check off the work done, and check off the work from the list when done. 

Some of the key features-

  1. Customizable job forms that provide easy checklists for customers and cleaners
  2. QR codes for check-in and check-out points
  3. You can easily track your important clients 


  1. There is no free trial 
  2. No free plan is available
  3. No geofencing

Destiny Patrol Software

Destiny Patrol Software provides tracking, scheduling, and reporting solutions. It has a web application available for customers to use. 

Features provided by Destiny Patrol Software-

  1. Assign Tasks on the go.
  2. Can schedule your employees
  3. Support system available for the queries


  1. There is no geofencing available. 
  2. Does not cater to many industries like cleaning
  3. No free trial or plan is available. 


Waze is not exactly used for security and cleaning software services but as a GPS-based navigation system.

Key Features

  1. It will give you live traffic and maps update
  2. Provides nice features for team management
  3. Provides a live update to the guard for the best route to cover the premise.


  1. Not exactly a guard or cleaning service management software so lacks some of the important features
  2. No report collection feature is available

Final Thoughts

No one can teach you how to run your own business, it’s up to you and the decisions you make that will shape the future of your cleaning business company. There are certain steps that will make the process easy and it is important that you choose wisely.  There are definitive benefits to using a cleaning management system and it doesn’t hurt to use them to your advantage.

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