Real-Time Tracking of Security Guards: How it Works

Wed, Mar 1, 2023

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When we talk about security companies, we still think of the good-old security guards dressed in uniforms with a walkie-talkie attached to their forearm. However, times have changed, and these security guards have moved on from the old-time walkie-talkies to some high-tech solutions.

Real-Time Tracking of Security Guards: How it Works

A security guard management system is one such solution. Such a system comes loaded with features, like easy schedule creation and sharing, real-time communication, hassle-free online incident reporting, one-tap emergency alerts, etc. Another crucial feature offered by such software is real-time security guard tracking.

We know you are here to learn everything about the real-time tracking feature. So, let us get straight into learning how a security guard management system helps you track your guards in real-time.

Real-time Tracking of Security Guards

A security guard management system offers many high-tech features. Security companies who still are not familiar with such systems are curious to learn how they can track their security guards in real-time. Well, the answer is simple - GPS!

Such systems come with the GPS tracking feature. When you install the guard management system on the phones of your security guards, the GPS will access their location in real-time.

On an easy-to-use dashboard, the managers can see the location of the security guards through love security guard tracking. Think of it as when you order your food online and then track your delivery person as they come to deliver your food.

Another example is when you book an Uber and check the live location of your driver.

So, GPS tracking is not a new concept. However, for the security industry, it might appear new.

How does GPS actually work?

A real-time tracking system utilizes technology and data communication to monitor and provide updates on the current location, status, or progress of a person, vehicle, object, or asset. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is often at the core of real-time tracking systems. GPS satellites transmit signals that devices—like smartphones, vehicle trackers, or IoT devices—receive to determine their precise location coordinates (latitude, longitude, and sometimes altitude).

Security guard real-time reporting technology is essential to have nowadays since remote works are at an all time high. Since technology has evolved, walkie talkie for security guards is outdated now. But to understand just how important it is, you need to understand how it actually works.

Device with Tracking Capability: 

The subject being tracked needs to have a tracking device or module embedded. This device is equipped with GPS hardware to determine its location and a communication module (like cellular, satellite, or radio frequency) to transmit data.

Data Transmission: 

The tracking device periodically collects its GPS coordinates and other relevant information, such as speed, direction, and altitude. It then uses the communication module to transmit this data to a central server or cloud-based platform. A walkie talkie for security guards is not capable enough for data transmission, hence you need security guard real-time reporting technology.

Central Server or Cloud Platform: 

The transmitted data is received by a central server or a cloud-based platform that processes and stores the information. This platform is responsible for managing the incoming data streams from various devices.

User Interface: 

Users, such as individuals or organizations, access the tracking system’s information through a user interface. This can be a web-based dashboard, a mobile app, or specialized software. The interface displays the real-time location and status updates of the tracked subjects on a map or in a structured format.

Map Visualization: 

The location data is often displayed on a map interface, allowing users to see the real-time movements or positions of tracked subjects. This visualization can include additional information like routes, speed, and timestamps.If your security guard is on a patrol, he sure can have a security guard walkie talkies with him, but how will you know if he is actually performing the tour? That is where security guard real-time reporting technology will help you.

Alerts and Notifications: 

Real-time tracking systems can be configured to send alerts or notifications based on predefined conditions. For example, if a vehicle goes off-route, enters a restricted area, or faces any other predefined event, the system can trigger an alert to notify relevant parties.

How to use GPS tracking to its full potential?

As we said above, the tracking systems security companies use are dependent on device integration and GPS.

A feature-packed guard management system helps the guards contact the managers or back-office staff in real-time. Such a system is compatible with smartphones or other devices already used by the guards.

The managers can use the GPS tracking feature to set digital checkpoints within the guard management system. It helps the patrolling guards to cover all the areas and report to the manager. When the patrolling staff reaches a checkpoint, the system automatically notifies the managers about the same using the GPS location of the guard. So, there is no need for the security company to install on-site checkpoints, equipment, or set up when it is possible to do it digitally.

You can use QR codes or barcodes that the guards can scan when they reach the checkpoint. Once the guard checks in, the system not only notifies the manager but also records the data for offline usage.

On the other hand, if the guard does not complete the patrolling route or misses checkpoints, the system will notify the manager.

Additionally, the guards can send incident reports or ask for an emergency backup using the security GPS tracking feature. They can also ask questions, submit client requests, and get help from the managers in real-time. Now you must be wondering why not just use security guard walkie talkies if you just want to send your guards on a patrol. But you must ask yourself a question first, can walkie talkies be tracked? Well, Yes, walkie-talkies can be tracked, but it depends on the specific type of walkie-talkie, the technology it uses, and whether it has tracking capabilities built into it. Walkie talkie with location tracking is an option if you are looking for one. 

Traditional analog walkie-talkies typically don’t have built-in tracking features. They communicate using radio frequencies and do not have the capability to transmit their location data to a central system for tracking purposes. So here’s your answer to can you track walkie talkie but let me ask you another question, will it be worth it to spend so much on an outdated technology when you have so many advanced and fast options available?

The Benefits of Security Guard Tracking

Compliance and Accountability

With real-time GPS tracking on their phones, the guards know that the managers can easily track their location. So, there are no chances of furloughs. The guards stick to their schedules and shifts more strictly.

Besides, if the security managers do not find the guards in their allotted location, the guards become accountable for everything happening. If there is an attack or theft in their absence and they don’t have a solid reason for leaving the site, the managers can hold them accountable for the losses.

Real-time Communication

Real-time communication and tracking go hand-in-hand. If the managers track their guards on patrol and see them wavering from the set route, they can contact and guide them. Also, if a guard misses a checkpoint, the managers can ask them to cover it before they can move too far away.

In the case of emergencies, the security guards can send alerts to the back office and get assistance as per the requirement. In the absence of real-time security guard tracking, the managers cannot send help to the exact location of the guards. All these instances of real-time communication prevent many mishaps and delays that may otherwise occur every day.

So, this was all about real-time security guard tracking. If you’re looking for a guard management system with a GPS tracking feature, contact Novagems. We provide advanced workforce management solutions and support through demos and consultations. Book your demo today!

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