4 Tips For Writing an Effective Incident Report

Fri, Jul 29, 2022

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Being a security guard means you are responsible for many tasks and duties. But writing an incident report is something that stands out on your to-do.

4 Tips For Writing an Effective Incident Report

You should know that most security guards are not very fond of writing these reports. Yet building your career as a successful security guard means sooner or later, you will have to write an incident report. 

The quality of your incident report is far more crucial than you might imagine it to be. The report’s quality will spell the difference between you and other security guards in your organization. Thus, continue writing to learn more about writing an effective incident report as a security guard.

Important Information You Need To Gather For Your Incident Report

An incident report is nothing but a written description of the incident. So it is obvious you need to mention every slight detail about the incident. But some of the most crucial pieces of information you need in the report include:

  • Individuals Involved: The very first thing you need to mention in your incident report is details about the individuals involved in the incident. Make sure to mention all necessary information about those individuals. Visual description and contact information can go a long way in this matter. 
  • Describe The Incident: The next thing is to describe what the incident was all about. In this section, you need to mention every minute detail you can gather, as it will help enhance the efficacy of the report.
  • Timing Of The Incident: The timing of the incident helps describe the incident appropriately. However, determining the precise time is not always possible. So, you can use a time frame instead.
  • Location: Describing the location of the incident is another primitive aspect you should mention. Make sure to mention all the points of reference and exhaustive details about where the incident happened. 
  • Reason for The Incident: The final information you need to mention is the whys and hows of the incident. Always tell the details you are sure about because speculation can cost you here.

Writing An Effectual Incident Report

Once you have all the information, it is time to start writing your incident report. So here are a couple of tips to help you write a better incident report. 

1. Maintain a Professional And Conversational Tone

Many security guards can get carried away when writing an incident report. But this should never be the case, as an incident report must be professional and conversational. Therefore, striking the right balance between both types of tone is imperative. In addition, you need to understand that different people will read the report, so they must be able to comprehend the information you are furnishing. 

2. Write Incident Reports Based On Your Observations   

The primary goal of writing an incident report is to describe your visuals and state relevant facts. As a result, it becomes crucial for you first to observe the incident location, ask around, and get your facts straight. You must first understand everything you see and experience and create a report based on that. Do not get into the nuances of investigating the matter because that is the job of the concerned authorities.

3. Include Audio and Visuals If Possible       

The other way to enhance the effectiveness of your incident report is by adding audio and visuals related to the incident. Even a single picture will speak more than you can describe through your words. You can even use a camera to record the scene of an incident, as it will help in the investigative efforts later. 

4. Proofread Before Submitting

The final thing you need to remember is to make sure is proofreading the report before submitting it. No matter how well-versed you might be, there can always be unnoticed typos or forgotten words. These little things can have a severe impact on the overall efficacy of the incident report. Thus, it is better to take a few minutes and proofread before submitting. 

Incident reports hold great importance in the world of security services. Thus, it is always better if you make an effort to write an appropriate incident report and keep your employers impressed. Fortunately, you need not do much, but remembering the information above will be enough.     

If you want to prepare reports for your security company hassle-free, we recommend you use a security guard management system like Novagems. Learn more about it by talking to us!

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