4 Tips to Enhance the Tactical Communication Among Security Guards

Tue, Aug 9, 2022

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Security has evolved a great deal with advancements in technology. Gone are the days when physical security was all about guarding the entry and exits of premises. As a result, security guard communication has become a key factor influencing customer satisfaction scores.

4 Tips to Enhance the Tactical Communication Among Security Guards

The increasing competition in the market means emphasizing effective security guard management and communication. So every security guard must now know how to communicate with their clients and others in their working environment. Enhancing your tactical communication skills is a crucial area that needs attention. Thus, continue reading to learn more about tactical communication and ways you can make it better. 

What Exactly is Tactical Communication?

In terms of security guard communication, tactical communication facilitates effective communication to benefit from any given situation. One can do this by practicing, planning, and considering different ways to communicate effectively in a given scenario. Communication includes verbal and physical queues people use to convey information in a given situation. 

Tactics To Help You Master Tactical Communication

For security companies, good communication is crucial. With security guards being surrounded by difficult situations, it is a must to have effective tactical communication. Here are the four ways to achieve it:

1. Take a Position

Being in a suitable position during a conversation is the basis of impactful security guard communication. Every security guard needs to be in an appropriate position concerning the individual who interacts with them. 

The situation will determine the ideal position for the officer while communicating. 

A suitable position is crucial because your body language says more than you think. For instance, suppose someone speaks in a higher tone and appears tense. There are chances that they can be violent.  

So as a security guard officer, it is better to keep your distance and ensure everyone’s safety. These little details are crucial when facilitating effective security guard management and communication. 

2. Hold Your Stance

The ideal position during security guard communication is relative to the situation and the person with whom the conversation is happening. On the contrary, the appropriate posture means how security officers position themselves. Things like your stance, facial expressions, and associated non-verbal communication are related to posture.       

Most training programs for security guard management teach one to smile when appropriate, make eye contact, stand with open shoulders, and slow movement. You need to avoid hiding your hands, puffing out your chest, standing with your arms crossed, and more.

3. Listen Carefully

The primary job of a security guard officer is to make one feel comfortable and safe. However, this will never be possible if you fail to listen to what people have to say. Listening will give you a better measure of the situation and facilitate appropriate security guard management accordingly.  

Make sure you are patient enough to listen, no matter the situation. Reacting in a hostile manner or interrupting others can adversely affect your security guards’ communication skills. So listen, understand, and only then take appropriate actions to resolve any complication in any situation.     

4. Avoid Deflection

When security guards have to deal with lawbreakers, offenders, and criminals, effective communication becomes a crucial aspect of their job. When confronting such people for their actions, the guards often witness bashing or verbal abuse. They might also face situations where the other person tries to deceive them or tells them things that are off-topic to divert their attention. 

In such scenarios, security guards should try and stick to the original conversation by blocking unnecessary comments or conversation. The usage of phrases like “I understand that”, “I heard that”, etc. comes in handy at such moments. It will get things straight and lead you to a conclusion without any confusion. 

Your efforts to enhance security guard communication will always have a positive impact on the overall growth of your business. So leverage these tactics and combine them with effective management. These two ingredients alone will help you take your business to new heights.    

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