5 Common Problems You Can Solve With A Guard Tour System – Novagems

Thu, Oct 7, 2021

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Guard Management System - Businesses rely heavily on technology these days, and security companies are no exception. When you run a security company, your responsibility is to ensure the safety of your clients.

5 Common Problems You Can Solve With A Guard Tour System – Novagems

Businesses rely heavily on technology these days, and security companies are no exception. When you run a security company, your responsibility is to ensure the safety of your clients, their premises, and their surroundings. And for that, security companies seek assistance from a high-tech guard management system.

It is simple math – your security guards represent your company, and their performance speaks volumes about your reputation. So, keeping a close eye on their performance is a must.

What to Look for in a Guard Management System?

The software advancements today are innovative and problem-solving. To solve all the problems of a security company, a guard management system must possess these features:

  • Daily Schedule and Report Management

  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing System

  • Guard Tour or Patrol Tracking

  • Panic Alert and Emergency Response System

  • Incident Reporting

  • Real-time Communication and Chat

With these features, security management software can help you ensure the smooth functioning of a security company. It makes it easier for the management to keep a close eye on the performance of the security guards.

1) Scheduling and Reporting

Scheduling and Reporting

Security companies usually have a decent number of guards working under them. All these guards are deployed or sent for patrolling to different locations. If you do the allocation task manually, there are greater chances of errors so, reporting becomes hard.

However, if you have a guard management system installed on the mobile devices of all the guards and managers, things become easier. The work allocation and reporting become much more transparent and easy, which helps the management record everything effectively. With feature-rich software like the Novagems Guard Tour System. , you can create schedules, copy them for the rest of the week or month, and even edit them as per requirements. Such systems also allow the guards to easily report to their supervisors through easy report management, making their work easy.

2) Fast Response

When your guards are on duty, they are vulnerable to dangers and risks. In situations like break-ins, robbery, theft, or even attacks, the criminals target the security guards to make way for themselves.

In such scenarios, the security guards must be well-prepared with arms, techniques, and alertness. A guard management system can also help them call for backup or emergency actions, as the situation demands

For such situations, the Novagems Guard Tour System provides features like live data, panic alert, incident reporting, and GPS tracking. These features help the supervisors send help fast to the guards in case of emergencies. So, you can respond in real-time and avoid dangers.

3) Supervision


The supervisors or managers of a security company need to keep a track of many things. From work allocation to managing the shifts, leaves, locations, devices, equipment, and everything else about the guards, the managers have a lot on their plate.

Making things easier, security management software lets the supervisors take a sigh of relief. Most things can be automated using such a system. You can check the reporting time, leaving time, current location, routes, and hours worked by the guards with just an app or system. You can track the punctuality of your guards in real-time and track their live movement with features like GPS tracking and Geo-fencing. With live incident reporting, you can also see what the guards are facing and handling in real-time. So, you can take action and send immediate help by dispatching a guard or supervisor to the location.

Legal Actions

With a guard management system, you can secure the data about the guards for months and years. So, the whereabouts of a guard on a previous date can easily be tracked.

Security services are a risky business and in case of an incident like theft, break-ins, attacks, or robbery, the client will hold the guards liable. There are chances of disputes and the clients might sue or threaten to sue the company.

In such a case, the reports about your security guards will help you safeguard your interest against such lawsuits. You can present these reports to avoid legal actions and lawsuits. These systems help you collect the data like site tours, location tracking, etc. that acts as evidence in favor of the guards.

5) Competition

If you have a line of competitors to stay ahead, getting security management software is a must. Whether your competitors have adopted this technology or not, getting such a system for your security company will help you stay ahead.

A security company that still follows the manual management of its guards and schedules is way behind the tech-driven companies. So, choose the technology to beat your competitors and have a competitive edge in the market.

So, these were the benefits you can avail of from security management software. In the absence of such a system, all the work can be confusing, slow, and retarded.

If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon of advancing your security services company yet, Novagems Guard Tour System can be your best bet! With all the features we discussed above, our software will help you ensure better performance and productivity of your security guards. It will also help you keep your guards and clients safe from uncertain threats. Get in touch with us to get such a system for your security company. We will be happy to assist you!

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