5 Tips to Get More Clients For Your Cleaning Company

Mon, Jan 3, 2022

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A cleaning business, if done right, can be one of the most profitable businesses. The reason is that people need cleaning services throughout the year. There are no seasonal sales, and you can hit it big the entire year.

5 Tips to Get More Clients For Your Cleaning Company

A cleaning business, if done right, can be one of the most profitable businesses. The reason is that people need cleaning services throughout the year. There are no seasonal sales, and you can hit it big the entire year.

People move to new homes and move their office locations quite often. In these scenarios, they need expert help with cleaning and sanitization. So, cleaning companies have lots of business opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities double up during the festive and holiday season when the time for spring cleaning comes.

However, you need a good client base to earn profits throughout the year. So, the big question is how to get clients for a cleaning business? There are several ways to do that. We have shared some of them to help you boost your cleaning business. Let’s have a look:

1) Help Prospects Reach You Out With Ease

Where can your prospects find you? Does your cleaning company have an online presence? If you have a website, make sure they sign up without hassle. It is crucial because most users hate a lengthy and complicated sign-up process.

If your sign-up form asks too many questions and details, the users will abandon your website and move on. So, keep your sign-up process simple and easy. It should be short and less demanding.

Also, when you have a website or social media presence, you must leave your contact information there. Whether it is your email, phone number, or other details, do not forget to mention your contact details. Make sure they are easily accessible by the prospects. Many prospects give up on a cleaning company if it does not respond in time. There are very few chances that they will call you or reach you out again. So, the contact details should be correct, accessible, and updated.

2) Stand Out with Exceptional Services and Offers

When choosing a cleaning company for their home or business, your prospects have many options. So, why would they choose you?

To stand out from the crowd, you need to show how you are different and why should your prospects trust you? The best way to do that is by offering some exceptional services and offers. You can describe your working process, letting them know how you do things differently.

For instance, if you use a cleaning services management system, you can mention how that helps your company work efficiently. You can state the GPS time tracking for cleaning crews and other features that such systems offer. These features will convince your prospects that you are a tech-powered cleaning company doing everything right to deliver top-notch services and experience to your clients.

You can showcase this information on your brochures, website, social media, etc. If you don’t use such management tools and are looking for the same, get in touch with Novagems. Our cleaning management system is all you need to stand out!

Stand Out with Exceptional Services and Offers

3) Reach Out to Your Prospects

If you wonder “how to get clients for a cleaning business?” and do not plan to reach them out, you are missing out on business opportunities. Your prospects will not come to you all the time. To ensure better exposure for your cleaning company, you need to reach out.

For this, create a list of your prospects based on the services you offer. It can be homeowners, business owners, builders, etc. With the help of this list, start looking for the contact information of these prospects and reach out.

There are many ways to reach them out. You can contact them by phone calls, emails, social media DMs, etc. With personal contact, you can explain your services better to the clients and let them know how you use GPS time tracking for cleaning crews. It gives you a chance to impress and convince your prospects.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you choose a professional way of contacting your potential clients. During discussions, be polite and forthcoming. Ask for appointments or check if they are busy before starting the pitch.

4) Run a Referral Program

“Refer to your friends, and enjoy 5% off on your next bill!”

It looks like a solid marketing strategy, and it works like a charm. Running a referral program might require some planning and strategizing. However, it can bring many new clients on board. You can automate the referral program by hiring experts or signing up with websites that offer such services.

So, the next time your cleaning company finishes a cleaning job, leaving your client super-satisfied, you can ask them to spread the word. Provide them a referral code that gives them a 10% off on their next service. They will do it!

The referral program will help you gain new clients from your clients’ network, and it is the best strategy for cleaning companies. If you use a cleaning services management system to communicate with your client, you can share the referral code with them through the system as well.

cleaning company

5) Plan a Marketing Strategy

As we said, if you want your clients to notice your cleaning services, you need to reach them out. Planning a marketing campaign for your cleaning company is a must. You can use online marketing, offline methods, or choose both - it depends on where you can find your prospects. For online marketing, a company website and social media presence are crucial. Also, you can go for email marketing, ad campaigns, etc. For the best results, hire experts to do the heavy-lifting for you.

For offline marketing, brochures and flyers are an old-school yet effective method. You can personally reach out to your prospects and market your cleaning company through a discussion. While the world is tech-savvy these days, we suggest you go for digital marketing with a hint of offline marketing. A good combination of both strategies will work best for your cleaning company.

How Novagems can Help

Novagems provides solutions for task management to businesses offering services in security, cleaning, healthcare, etc. Our task management solutions help managers and supervisors keep track of their staff through a feature-packed software program. With our system, you can create regular schedules, track your staff’s locations, communicate with clients, generate and share inspection reports, and whatnot! Our management system is easy to use and works on both ends - the managers and the staff. It ensures better management and smooth communication within an organization.

If you are looking for new clients, Novagems can help you stand out! Our system makes your services tech-fueled, fast, and more effective. Ensure the best performance of your staff with our task management system. Contact us today for a free consultation and easy integration process. We are happy to help!

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