Cleaning Staff Management - Fixing Poor Cleaner Performance

Thu, Apr 28, 2022

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For cleaning companies, staff management is a concern. It is because the cleaners work on-site and not in the office.

Cleaning Staff Management - Fixing Poor Cleaner Performance

According to many cleaning companies, when there is a lack of cleaning workforce management, the staff often makes mistakes. These mistakes or slip-ups often become big problems for cleaning companies. Also, mismanagement often leads to an increased employee turnover, which is another big challenge faced by cleaning company managers. 

However, with the best management software for cleaning companies, you can find the solutions to these problems. So, let us discuss these problems and see how the workforce management system can help solve them:

1. No Clear Job Understanding and Missed Cleaning Tasks

One of the most common problems by cleaning company managers is that the cleaners don’t understand the job well. The lack of understanding leads to poor performance, which ultimately impacts the credibility of the cleaning company. 

With a cleaning workforce management system, the managers can assign the tasks with detailed descriptions. For instance, they can mention a cleaning task, along with pictures and videos. So, the cleaners have a better understanding of what to do. In the detailed job descriptions, the managers can also add checklists and to-dos that make it easy for the cleaners to complete the tasks. The checklists ensure that the cleaners finish everything and miss no cleaning task on the list.  

Once they start working on the tasks, the cleaners will understand where to begin and end. Also, they can keep updating the checklists in real-time when they complete the given part of the task. It also helps the managers in tracking work progress.  

2. No-Show by The Cleaners 

If your cleaners don’t show up at work as per their schedule, it will disappoint the clients, and your company will lose its credibility.  

With the best management software for cleaning companies, you can ensure that your cleaners stick to their schedules through daily scheduling, work order management, and timesheets. On top of that, GPS tracking helps the managers keep track of the current location of the cleaners. So, even if the cleaner does not contact you about their whereabouts during shift timings, you can check where they are in real-time. If they do not show up to work, you can ask them later. 

The digital log sheets also help the managers go through monthly records to see who did not show up at work as per the work schedule. Once you have the information, you can take the desired action. 

3. Increased Employee Turnover 

Employee turnover hikes when the staff constantly faces problems and the managers fail to resolve the issues. 

The most common problems faced by the cleaning staff include:

  • When they do not understand the task clearly  
  • When they are constantly interrupted by the manager or client 
  • When they do not have the right cleaning supplies 
  • When the managers or clients do not listen to their problems  
  • When the manager does not address their problems 
  • When there are constant miscalculations of shift timings and payroll

Such problems, and many more, make it quite clear that cleaning workforce management is not a piece of cake. The manager should provide efficient support to the cleaners whenever they need it. If you miss a step, your cleaning staff will start leaving the job, making your job as a manager even harder.  

That’s why managers often look for the best management software for cleaning companies. Such software will help you solve almost every workforce management-related problem in a jiffy! You can manage the work right, make schedules effortlessly, chat with your staff, listen to their issues, and address them in time. The system helps you keep everything in one place and create a seamless workflow. Once you do that, your cleaners will perform better and not quit the job. 

With a cleaning workforce management system, you can solve the above problems with advanced features. At Novagems, we help cleaning companies and managers solve workflow-related issues and improve the performance of the cleaning staff. From creating and sharing work schedules to sending work reports to the clients, you can manage everything in one place! Learn more about our workforce management system by visiting our website.

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