Fully-Remote Cleaning Business: 3 Steps to Manage Everything Hassle-free

Fri, May 27, 2022

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The 2020 pandemic taught us many things, one of which was that it is possible to operate businesses from remote locations. We learned how companies manage work online without having a physical office space. And that goes for pretty much every business niche out there, including a cleaning business.

Fully-Remote Cleaning Business: 3 Steps to Manage Everything Hassle-free

If you plan to run a cleaning business remotely, don’t doubt it! It is not only possible to do so, but your chances of success are also quite bright. No doubt it can be a little chaotic in the beginning. But once everything settles, you can have complete control over your cleaning business from anywhere in the world. So, let us see how you can get there:

1. Find a team and use software to manage it

Cleaning businesses run on one major factor - the quality of services. If your cleaning services are top-notch, you can be ahead in the game and vice versa.

So, your first step should be finding a highly competent team. Start interviewing cleaners, janitors, or maids, for your cleaning business. You can spread the word about the open positions through staffing agencies or online portals. Based on the location, requirements, and job details, start looking for the right people.

Screening the candidates gets easy with online interviews, meetings, or conference calls. Once you find the most suitable people in all locations, it is time to integrate them into one big team.

For this, you can use software like a cleaning company management system. Such a system or software will help you keep track of all the employees in your teams. You can categorize them based on their locations, expertise, clients they work for, or the type of work they do. Such systems are easy to use as your team members can install them on their phones. They can clock in and out, send messages, ask questions, and receive checklists and instructions within the system. All these tasks are just a tap away. They can also communicate with the managers if they are running late or facing some issues at the client site. It gets easy for the managers to communicate with the remote teams, address their problems, and record their daily activities. An employee management system is everything you need for your cleaning business! It ensures smooth workflow, maintenance of records, better communication, and effortless teamwork.

It improves the quality of your services and helps the clients learn that you are a tech-driven and competent service provider.

2. Plan and launch a strategic digital marketing campaign

The other name of remote work is online integration. While your team of cleaners cannot deliver cleaning services online, you can tell people about your business through digital media.

First off, build an efficient and fully-functioning website for your business. Now, use digital tools like Google MyBusiness, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Ads, PPC campaigns, and local online business directories. All these tools will help your business reach more and more users online without convincing everyone personally.

Using websites and digital media for cleaning companies is a great technique to promote your cleaning business.

3. Have a specialization

If you go around claiming that you do all kinds of cleaning, you will miss out on the benefits of having a USP. Find a niche or specialization like commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, janitor services, maid services, etc. Once you have that, all your marketing efforts should revolve around the same. Tell your clients that you specialize in a certain form of cleaning and use the same for your marketing copies.

Your specialization attracts the audience and prospects your business needs and matches you with suitable clients. It is an effective way of sealing profitable deals and keeping the quality of your services high. When you focus on one type of service only, you will get the leads, no matter in which location you pitch. It also keeps your services uniform throughout the areas where you deliver them, making it easier for you to control the activities remotely.

With these three tips, you can manage a fully remote cleaning business while being anywhere in the world. With the perfect tools, strategies, and plans, you can control and manage your cleaning business from anywhere in the world. To get software that helps you integrate your teams, workflow, and communication, contact Novagems. Our cleaning management software will help you pass all the hurdles you face while managing your cleaning business.

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