Guard Management Software for Large Operations

Tue, Dec 21, 2021

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With a security guard management system, the security officer or managers can create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules without any hassle. It is easy to create a work schedule using the templates that already come with the system.

Guard Management Software for Large Operations

Delivering security services is always critical, whether you are operating on a small scale or a large scale.

Regardless of the number of guards you have, the types of clients you serve, or the types of security services you deliver, you need to be careful and alert. One slip-up is enough to taint the name of your good guard security services.

Small security projects are easy to manage and control. However, when it comes to large operations, security companies face challenges.

To avoid these challenges and ensure a smooth workflow for your security company, you need a security guard management system. Such systems make it easier for security officers and managers to manage everything without fail.

Let us look at how you can use a guard management system and what benefits it provides:

Daily Schedules and Reminders

Large operations for security companies mean delivering services for a high-authority client or large buildings. Here, security officers need a plan to ensure smooth communication and workflow.

With a security guard management system, the security officer or managers can create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules without any hassle. It is easy to create a work schedule using the templates that already come with the system. Once the work schedule is ready, you can share it with all the security guards in one go. You can also copy the same for the next day, week, or month and make alterations as and when required.

A guard security management system will help you send reminders to the guards every day, notifying them about their shifts and duties. It minimizes the chance of miscommunication and mix-ups by the guards and managers.

Easy and Uninterrupted Team Communication

Easy and Uninterrupted

You need your guard to change their position, but they are not picking up their phone! Well, it can be frustrating, especially during large-scale operations. Just imagine, you are delivering security services for a big corporate event packed with VIPs, and your guards are out of reach. It can get messed up.

However, the guard management system is here to save the day. With features like live chat and fast reporting, the managers don’t face a communication barrier. They can effectively communicate with the security guards within the management system. You can send important messages via the chat feature. If there is a change in schedule or a guard needs to report someplace immediately, the system notifies them in real-time.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Another best feature offered by a security guard management system is real-time tracking. With GPS and geofencing, the managers and security officers can see where the guards are in real-time.

The guard management system works for both the security guards and their managers. So, both parties have their versions of the apps downloaded on their mobile devices. The guard’s mobile device acts as a GPS tracker because of the management system, and you can see where the guard is by tracking their GPS location. It tells the managers whether the security guard is at the assigned location or not. Similarly, managers can create a geo-fence, a virtual barrier that they can create via the security guard management system. You can mark an area or a building as the geo-fence. Once you set it, the guards need to be within the geofenced area. Whenever the guards leave the designated area, the system notifies the managers. It is another advanced way of ensuring that the guards don’t leave the site during their shifts.

Client Communication

For large operations, security companies need to communicate well with the clients. Such projects usually have instances where clients need to give instructions now and then. To follow the instructions clearly, you need a clear and uninterrupted mode of communication. While walkie-talkies work well for this, they are not suitable for all kinds of environments. And that is where a guard security system helps.

With the chat feature, you can communicate with the client without hassle. You can also share pictures and videos with the client using the system for better clarity.

So, this is how you can use a security guard management system for large operations. If you are looking for such a system, get in touch with Novagems. We deliver employee management solutions for security companies and other organizations. Our solutions are feature-packed and infused with the latest tech that is easy to get on board. Contact us for details.

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