Staff Management Software for Cleaning Business: How to Get Your Staff to Use It

Mon, Apr 25, 2022

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The idea of change excites everyone. But humans always feel uncomfortable with change, especially when it comes to changes at the workplace.

Staff Management Software for Cleaning Business: How to Get Your Staff to Use It

However, there is no growth without change, and we must learn to adapt to it!  

So, you have got new cleaning workforce management software for your company. That’s great! However, your staff is reluctant to adopt it. 

Don’t worry! It is a common situation, and we have got the best solutions listed below: 

1. Communicate Well 

Every company has a different culture. However, in most cases, big decisions are taken by the upper management. If your managers have agreed upon introducing a cleaning company booking software and management system, the word needs to be out. 

Make sure you announce it in a subtle and friendly way. Your tone of communication must not make your staff feel like you are adding a load to their work life. Make it sound interesting, fun, and progressive. We advise you to hold a staff meeting to announce a staff management system. You can mention that you will try it for some time and see if it works. So, it does not feel like an instant burden. The discussion can be forthcoming, and you should let the staff give their input. Through such a discussion, you reduce the idea of imposition on the employees as they feel more involved and are curious about the new system.  

2. Get the Experts To Talk 

Software like a cleaning workforce management system has countless features that serve cleaning companies. When it is your first time with such a system, everyone might find it difficult to get along with it. 

In such a case, seek help from the experts. For example, if you choose the cleaning company booking software created by Novagems, the experts from the team will help you get started. With the help of training sessions or demos, the experts can help your staff understand the system. Not only the staff, but it will also help the managers handle their side of the system. Once the experts explain everything clearly, the staff will not find it too hard to use the system. Thus, they will no longer be reluctant to use it.   

3. Explain the Features

There are endless features available in a cleaning workforce management system. However, not all are useful for the staff. However, you need to educate them about the features that are indeed useful for them. 

While the experts will explain the technical benefits of the system, the management can explain the utility. For example, you can help the staff understand the importance of scheduling with the help of the system. You can explain how work can be fast and hassle-free for the cleaners. You can explain features like cleaning checklists, GPS tracking, geofencing, and many more. Once the staff learns that the system is better than manual logs, they will happily try it! 

4. Explain the Benefits 

No matter how big or small the change is, you might need to lure your staff a little to get them on board. The same goes with introducing a cleaning company booking software or management system. 

The management needs to explain how the system benefits the staff. Use keywords like easy, fast, hassle-free, one-touch, real-time, digital, etc. These are the actual benefits offered by the cleaning management system. The staff needs to learn how the system will help reduce their workload, making it easier and faster to record their tasks. For instance, you can explain how digital log sheets are better than paper ones. It all happens online and helps the staff update everything in real-time. 

These benefits help the staff improve their productivity and achieve the best results.

5. Talk About The Growth of The Company  

While employees have individual goals, they also have a sense of association with their business organization. Also, most employees work towards the growth of the company. 

Once the management explains how cleaning company booking software helps the company get more clients and improves its reputation, the staff will get on board. State the importance of such a system and how it is mandatory to stay relevant. Your employees need to know how it adds to the business growth and their professional capabilities at the same time. 

These points will help you convince your staff to get on board with the new management system. If you are looking for a management system for your cleaning company, contact Novagems. Our workforce management system is feature-packed and helps you achieve the best!

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