How to Keep Security Guard Safe? Questions You Need To Ask

Fri, Jul 23, 2021

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Running a security services company is not easy! If you own such a company, you must already be aware of that.

How to Keep Security Guard Safe? Questions You Need To Ask

We know that there are risks in every business. However, there is a difference between market risks and security risks, and security companies have to deal with the latter every day. 

The people tackling these risks and dangers every day are the employees of the security companies - the security guards. So, as a security company, when you promise top-notch delivery of services, you should not forget that the safety and security of your guards are always at stake.

As an employer, you must actively work towards keeping your security guards safe while they are on their job. If you are wondering how to do that, we have got you some helpful information. 

Here are some tips that will tell you how to keep security guards safe while they are on duty. Let us have a look at these tips:


1. Pay Attention To Their Uniform and Clothing

Usually, security companies provide uniforms to their security guards with their company name or logo on them. Now, while you do that, you need to be careful in selecting the uniform. Keep in mind that security guards have to encounter risky situations where they need to take quick action. In such scenarios, nothing must impede them and their work, especially their uniform. So, make sure you choose comfortable clothes so they can actively perform their duties.

Aside from the uniform, if your security guards are in situations like doing security patrol or working in a high-risk area, you should provide them with body armor. Body armor will keep them safe from potential attacks. The body armor can be provided as per the location and risk of their duty. You can give them stab vests, protective gloves, bulletproof jackets, etc. when it comes to deploying them in high-alert areas.

2. Vary Their Routes and Locations

When you assign duties to your security guards, it is best to shuffle and vary their routes or locations. For instance, for security patrol, avoid sending one patrolling vehicle and guard to the same patrolling route. Due to this, the criminals might learn the pattern of movement of your security guards. It makes it easier for them to attack or commit a crime. 

Either send a different guard and patrol vehicle to the same route after a certain period or choose a different route for the same guard. It not only keeps your guards safe but also does not let the criminals study the movement of your guards. This way, even if they keep an eye on your security personnel for a long time, they will not be able to find a similar pattern of movement. It makes it hard for them to breach the security and commit the crime.

Either send a different

3. Train and Educate Them About The Security Measures

Security companies hire security guards based on some prior experience or training. However, to keep them safe, you must train and educate them about taking apt security measures under risky situations. To prepare your security guards, you should also include physical coaching to keep them in shape. If you cannot provide such training as a company, you can make provisions for the same, individually to your employees.

It keeps their reflexes active and helps them take faster action in the case of an emergency or crisis. With adequate training, your guards will stay sharp, active, and alert, which will help them in performing their duties well. You can discuss security patrol safety tips and train them to use their security patrolling system to keep them updated. 

So, have training sessions from time to time, and teach your security personnel about security measures!  

4. Keep Them Informed About Their Working Environment

Though a security guard will learn about their work environment on their own, you need to give them a heads-up if something is serious or needs their attention. For instance, if you’re deploying a security guard in an area where the crime rate is high, inform them about the same before deploying them. Answer their queries and provide them with the required equipment before they go.

You can discuss with them the types of crimes that take place in that location, previous incidents, exact locations of crimes, etc. Such information will prepare them for the emergencies they are likely to get into. 

The same goes for security patrol guards. They must be informed about their routes and the possible dangers lurking on these routes. With prior information about such areas or routes, the security guards go prepared and their security is not compromised.  In other words, your security guards must be aware of the workplace hazards that can land them in dangerous situations.

security patrol

5. Use a Security Guard Tracking System

A security guard tracking system is like a software program that you can install on your security guard’s mobile phone. Through this software, you can keep track of the location, movement, entry, exit, etc. of your security guards. Even when they are using your patrolling vehicles, this system will keep tracking them.

Such a system allows the management of a security company to keep the record of their security guards, track their locations, and send help in case of emergencies. It is one of the fastest ways to track your guards in real-time and provide them with the required aid in time. 

Besides providing security to your guards, such systems also help you track your patrolling fleet, the routes taken by the patrolling guards, etc. Through this system, you can direct your security patrol guards in the right direction by helping them take the right routes in case of emergencies. 

Regularly review and evaluate security procedures and protocols to identify areas for improvement. Seek feedback from security guards and incorporate their insights into enhancing safety measures.

6. Provide Them With Security Equipment

Besides having a tracker system or a security guard management system in their phones, the security guards need the right security equipment too. For example defense equipment. All the security equipment must be provided to the guards in working condition. 

If you provide them with these things but they do not work in time, it might risk their safety. So, before you provide the equipment to the guards, make sure it is thoroughly tested and checked. If your guard management is entirely based on mobile phones, like a security guard tracking system then make sure your guards have working smartphones for the same. Make it a point that their phones are duly charged and connected with the network.

With the right equipment, the guards can perform more effectively and act smartly in case of dangerous situations. Some parts of this equipment also help gather evidence in case of crimes. So, it is important!

right equipment

7. Keep A Check on your Patrolling Vehicles

For security companies providing security patrol services, it is important to keep a check on your patrol vehicles. Your fleet must  always be ready to hit the roads in the most efficient ways. For that, your patrolling vehicles must be in top condition all the time. 

It not only helps your security staff to take fast action in emergencies but also ensures their safety. In case of a dangerous situation, your patrol vehicles must not betray the security guards with a breakdown as it might put their lives in danger. 

So, following our security patrol safety tips, make sure you keep your patrolling vehicles in good condition by sending them to the service centers for regular checkups. 

8. Prioritize Teamwork

In situations where the security of your guards can be compromised, prioritize teamwork. When a security guard is alone in a dangerous situation, they are more likely to panic. Thus, they might not think straight and end up in a tough spot.

However, if there is a team of security guards working in such a situation, it gets safer for them to act right. More security guards also mean more equipment and more patrolling vehicles that can work as a team to work through emergencies and risky situations. 

9. Adequate Staffing

Avoid understaffing situations as it can lead to exhaustion and compromised security. Ensure there are enough security guards to cover shifts and maintain a strong presence. Safer guard security can only be achieved if you have the right amount of security guards on the shift. If any security breach does happen your security guard will not feel overwhelmed and can easily call for backup. This will prevent you and your clients from suffering huge losses. A safe security guard means that your client can take a sigh of relief. 

10. Risk Assessments

Conduct regular risk assessments of the premises or site where security guards are deployed. Identify potential hazards, vulnerabilities, and areas of concern. Develop strategies and protocols to mitigate risks. Security guards can take care of their own security if they have adequate risk assessments capabilities.  If the security guards are taking regular checks of the premises. Through patrol services they can keep a regular check on the vulnerable areas of the premises. 

11. Collaborate with Local Authorities 

Establish good working relationships with local law enforcement agencies. Share information on security threats, criminal activities, or suspicious individuals in the area. Collaborate on emergency response plans and conduct joint training exercises when possible. You can easily add this point into your security guard safety tips as many times security guards do not have the authority to take strict actions against suspects. If they collaborate with the local authorities they will get a quick response time with quicker actions. 

12. Health and Well-being

Ensure security guards have access to adequate breaks, rest areas, and facilities. Encourage a healthy work-life balance to prevent burnout. Provide resources for stress management and mental health support. Your security guard will be of no use if your guards are tired and exhausted. Your security guards need to take care of their physical as well as mental health. 

Plus, with a security patrolling system or a security guard management system, all the guards are connected in real-time. So, it gets easier for them to work and act as a team.  With this, our list of tips on how to keep security guards safe comes to an end. We hope you’ve gathered the required information that will help you prioritize the safety of your security guards. With these tips in mind, there is no chance of skipping any major points that are required for the security of your guards.  We hope these tips help you take the right action to ensure the safety of your employees and make sure their life doesn’t get in danger while they are at work. 

If you’re looking for an effective security guard management system or a security patrolling system for your security business, get in touch with Novagems. We are available with the best solutions and can provide you with the best consultation! Call us today!

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