A Guide On How To Enhance Employee Retention In Cleaning Business

Tue, Jun 21, 2022

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Employee retention is one of the most pressing concerns for cleaning businesses in the janitorial industry.

A Guide On How To Enhance Employee Retention In Cleaning Business

Losing employees is the worst that can happen to any business, and cleaning businesses are no exception. The scale of the retention issue can vary based on many factors.

But no matter the scale, there is an effective way to counter all such issues with minimal hassle. So continue reading to learn more about the effective ways to boost employee retention in your cleaning business.

Why do you need to focus on employee retention for your cleaning business?

Cleaning businesses provide services where the quality of staff matters. If your cleaning company does not have courteous, humble, and hard-working cleaners, you can very well foresee the future of your business in the janitorial industry. The target clients of cleaning companies are either high-end households or commercial building owners. With such clientele, cleaning companies need to appoint cleaners who are experienced, qualified, well-mannered, and highly professional. And with that said, let us add that it is not easy to find such employees who are also honest and loyal to your business.

So, once you have such employees on board, it is crucial to retain them. Also, changing cleaners every day is not a good practice for cleaning companies as it plays with their credibility. Let’s see how you can retain your cleaning employees:

1. Follow a Thorough Hiring Process

It all starts with hiring. When you pick the right professionals in the janitorial industry, your chances of employee retention increase then and there.

So, start by following a thorough hiring process. Look into your workforce requirements beforehand and plan in advance to avoid hasty hiring decisions. When companies hire people on short notice, they miss out on some crucial aspects of the hiring process, leading to bad hires. Consequently, you will face performance issues with the new staff and it will lead to increased employee turnover.

To avoid being in such a situation, always follow a well-thought hiring process. Your human resources team must be well-versed with your requirements. Jot down the qualities of a good janitor, look into the janitorial industry experience of each individual, and test their behavioral pattern. You can also ask for references of previous employers and run a background check.

2. Adopting an inclusive and well-managed work culture

The work culture of your organization plays a crucial role in influencing your employee retention rates. Now, different organizations have different complications to deal with to facilitate employee retention. The catch here is that identifying these issues is not always easy, and there is no other way around either.

One of the best ways to do that is to seek feedback from employees to better understand the issues they face.

Once you have access to your employee’s feedback, you can start working on addressing those issues, making your organization a better place to work. When employees enjoy their environment, it will automatically decrease employee turnover rates. Also, it will attract even more talented people to work in your organization that promises both growth and prosperity.

Another factor that contributes to making your organization a better workplace is the management of work. How the managers deal with the cleaners and communicate with them regarding work makes a lot of difference. To make things better, fast, and hassle-free, incorporate a thought-through work management system into your organization. It helps the managers and the cleaning staff communicate better and keep things automated.

3. Providing Employees With Tools To Measure Their Progress

Evaluating one’s performance is always a plus when you want to retain more valuable employees. It is no secret that people tend to be happier when they have the right tools and knowledge to evaluate their performance. Most cleaning companies these days are well-equipped with tools and techniques that make it much easier for employees to measure their performance.

As a successful company in the janitorial industry, you can provide your employees with checklists. These checklists must be interactive with appealing pictures, videos, and content describing the best ways of getting a cleaning job done. Never undermine the significance of visuals in these processes, as language can be a barrier for many in this industry.

Furthermore, it would help if you focused your efforts on enhancing the tech-savviness of your employees. Make them acquainted with the nuanced features and functionalities of digital tools. Technology can play a key role in enhancing the overall working environment.

These are the three simple and most effective ways for cleaning companies to enhance employee retention. Keep this information handy and grow your business with a robust and dedicated workforce. Every company in the janitorial industry needs to use this information for the best.

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