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Tue, Jun 29, 2021

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One of these solutions is a GPS tracker for cars used by security guards for patrolling during the night. With a well-functioning GPS security system installed in the patrolling car

Reasons You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Patrolling Car – Novagems

Security services and public safety services are heavily dependent on technology to make crucial and time-sensitive decisions. As for the security services staff, danger always lurks around the corner. So, you need to provide your security services employees and guards with the best solutions. These solutions not only help them make timely and fast decisions but also keep danger at bay.

One of these solutions is a GPS tracker for cars used by security guards for patrolling during the night. With a well-functioning GPS security system installed in the patrolling car, the security service providers can keep track of numerous things and take timely actions. Besides, there are many other benefits that such a system provides. Let’s look into these benefits:

1. Reduces Alarm Response Time

When it comes to security emergencies, you need to make fast decisions. In case of emergency alarms, you need to dispatch help and make decisions fast to cut down on the response time. It increases the reliability and safety quotient of your security guards and services. With GPS-enabled patrolling vehicles, you can keep track of your fleet and its location in real-time. You can see where your vehicles are and track the emergency alarm’s location too. The car GPS tracker installed in your car will help you send help to the exact location within time. It helps avert danger effectively and reduces alarm response time.

2. Helps Keep Track of The Fleet

Helps Keep Track of The Fleet

For security companies or agencies operating at a higher level, it gets tough to keep track of the patrolling fleet without the right tech solutions. However, with the right GPS security system in place, you can keep track of your fleet of patrolling vehicles without missing out on any of them. Track the locations of the vehicles in real-time and take timely actions. It helps you reduce patrolling disturbances. Also, you can get help with advanced reporting, performance measurement, and collection of old data about vehicles from the fleet.

3. Prevents Theft of Vehicles

Prevents Theft of Vehicles

Creating a fleet of patrolling vehicles calls in for a huge investment, and these vehicles are a great asset to your security company. However, during patrolling, they are prone to danger and emergencies. Your guards might need to leave them to provide the public with the required security aid. It makes your vehicles prone to crimes like theft. However, a GPS guard in the car will help you track the vehicle down even if it has been stolen. So, you can rest assured that your vehicles are safe out there, and your security guards can respond to emergencies without worrying about them.

4. Tracks Performance

Tracks Performance

The performance of your fleet includes the hours spent patrolling, timely actions taken by your guards, reduction in alarm response time, speed records, vehicle usage, etc. With a GPS security system in your patrolling vehicles, all these factors and many more can be recorded and evaluated to track the performance of your security staff. These records help you measure the efficiency of each patrolling vehicle and security guard. Once you know how efficiently the fleet is put to use by the staff, you can make informed decisions about your security services business.

5. Optimizes Security Protocols

Patrolling involves many emergencies and with a car GPS tracker, you can control how your staff should respond to the situation. Now, with real-time GPS tracking, you can keep an eye on your fleet and its routes. It helps you optimize the routes in case of any changes in the situation. You can also keep track of the speed of your patrolling vehicles and the braking patterns. It helps you evaluate the behavior of your security guard who can be questioned on the spot about the reason for their behavior.

GPS tracking and behavioral control of your patrolling staff help reduce patrolling-related accidents too. It also helps you learn which vehicle has stayed for how long in what location. All this data helps you optimize your security protocols and routes, and evaluate the behavior of your staff on duty!

So, these were the reasons why you should get an efficient GPS security system installed in your patrolling vehicles. Besides helping you track your vehicles and deliver fast help, it helps you manage a lot of other stuff! To get the best GPS tracker for a car**,** get in touch with Novagems today!

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