Evolution of Security Guard Companies And The Future To Come!

Fri, Dec 11, 2020

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Security guard companies have become more integrated than they were in the past. Read and know how using modern security tools gives security guard companies a competitive edge.

Evolution of Security Guard Companies And The Future To Come!

‘Security is not a product, but a process.’ - Bruce Schneier

The way the private security industry has evolved is evident. The modern Security Guard Companies are professional, skilled, and more integrated than ever. As the threats to the security of public and private sectors are increasing, the need for more evident security was/ is imperative, and hence the strengthening of the security industry. Security as a phenomenon is considered to be modern, however, it is a centuries-old industry that has grown and matured with time.

The history of security guards services is much more intense than any one of us could think of. But, the modern ways of security guard management and how it became all classic to automated is worth understanding and learning from.

In this post, we have discussed private security companies in modern times and how they have grown independent and more enhanced from being completely manual and less accessible players of the industry…

Understanding About Private Security And How Security Guard Companies Work?

Understanding About Private Security

In layman’s language, Private security is a very generic term as it is connected with the security guards standing outside an apartment building or the bouncer’s guard security posts at a factory building. However, private security services are way more in-depth. While security guards patrolling a warehouse of hotel premises may be the public face of the industry and crucial elements of the industry, the concept of security guard services encompasses everything from security guard patrolling to corporate security and event security of large and complex residential premises.

Putting up an exact definition of the services and what Security Guard Companies are essentially doing can be tough as the roles they play and services they perform are varied.

Security companies similarly face the ambiguous introduction. These companies are mistaken for being just security providers while they do a lot more including safeguarding the premises of the client, managing internal reports, liaising with security compliance agencies, and ensuring the accuracy of all internal and external safety aspects.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the definition of Security Guard Companies is as followed;

“A private security company is a business corporation, which provides armed and unarmed security services and expertise to private and public clients.”

The industry is well established with hundreds and thousands of Security Guard Companies 2 million full-time security workers in the United States and this number is expected to increase by 21% percent through 2020, claims reports.

Whether the definition is still the same, the roles and the duties modern security guards perform has changed drastically, which we will understand in the latter paragraphs.

Security Guard Services in the ancient era

Security Guard Services in the ancient

Understanding the evolution of Security Guard Companies to modern security guard management cannot be done without knowing what security services meant in ancient times. While the ancient private guards were as efficient as the modern ones, they lacked certain abilities that technology has provided to the industry or even the world.

The need to protect oneself and the assets have been around for ages. It was why the security services companies were initially formed, to offer uncompromised security to the people seeking the services or those facing a threat. Police and protectors were always the key part of the system and the references can even be found in the Bible or other ancient scriptures. Sadly,

the roles were limited and so were the resources. Security services back then were limited to nothing but providing security to a person or premises superficial, with little or no management.

Independent guards came into existence only towards the end of the 5th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt and from there on, tweaks were made to make the services more efficient. This is where the development started and ended at what we call the modern security guard services. The evolution is still going on as the Security Guard Companies use more and more advanced practices; implementing Workforce Management Software, guard tracking system, and other back-office management tools and techniques.

How the Conventions changed?

In the primal years, the role of a security guard was very simple. The private guards were held responsible for investigating incidents, guarding shipments, and offering advice to businesses who considered themselves exposed to crime. It was later in 1915 that the state of California started licensing private Security Guard Companies. The companies started to become more managed and committed and the ideology of “detect, deter, observe, and report” was created.

The gap between the requirements for security and what security services were, needed to be paved and technology came as a great aid. Security programs were created to make a well-balanced security system with elements like physical (secured premises), operational (guards), and systems (technology). The dependency on the physical security guards was lessened by the introduction of technology and artificial intelligence. This aided in making more reliable and unbreachable security systems that safeguard the needs of the modern world.

With the increase in the client’s demands, modern security technology became more advanced. The manual ways were replaced with automation and today, next-gen Security Guard Patrol Tracking Software offers a one-point solution for advanced security services. The introduction of technology in different ways made Security Guard Companies more efficient. Today, the use of Workforce Management Software needs no introduction for how important a tool it is to boost the accuracy and efficacy of modern Security Guard Companies.

Automation: The process enabling Uncompromising Security

The process enabling Uncompromising

As technology made a significant place in the industry, automation became the success mantra. Once manual processes are today done with the clicks of the Guard Tour System and more efficient Patrol Management Systems. This has made managing and security the front line easier while also promoting the efficacy of back office management. Some of the prominent aspects of modern Security Guard Companies that come from automation include:

  • Security guard management/ employee scheduling

As patrol services became more imperative for security, the hassles of resourceful employee schedules grew intense. Modern security companies were large, handling a massive security guard force. Effective and optimal utilization of the manpower was imperative and Employee Scheduling Software was the answer. The system allows eliminating the errors of manual scheduling. Schedules are made more organized, with no shortcomings like payroll overages, guard fatigue, missed shifts, absenteeism, and more.

  • Security guard tracking:

Until the security industry merged with technological advancements, the accountability of the security guards was questionable. However, with a Guard Tracking System in place, security companies have proof to check the dedication of their staff. The guard patrol monitoring system allows the security guard to track the client premises. The Geofence technology ensures that any missed checkpoint is reported to the supervisors in no time and appropriate actions are taken. Modern Security Guard Patrol Tracking Systems keep a close check on the guard’s activities and movement and create a trail for supervision.

  • Incident reporting:

With no technological help, security guards failed to report incidents in real-time. The results were more damage and less control over prevention methods. Thankfully, security incident reporting software took charge and allowed security guard/ patrol guards to be more prompt in reporting and managing incidents. The advanced Security Guard Companies utilize real-time reporting features of Patrol Management Systems wherein guards can report incidents on client sites in real-time, along with video, pictorial, speech, and text proofs.

  • Back Office management:

Security Guard Companies hold no integrity if they aren’t able to make and submit security reports in time. From making internal performance reports to generating review reports for clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, Back office management software makes processes simpler. As data is recorded on the software, generating reports is nothing but a matter of a few clicks.

  • Multiple site management:

The need for security guard services is imperative and more and more businesses today engage with professional service providers. This means that a repeated security service company handles multiple clients and managing each one of them efficiently is a big commitment. Thankfully, automation comes to the rescue as the modern Workforce Management Software allows great ways of remote monitoring. A client cannot feel less secured when Security Guard Companies are monitoring their premises 24/7, without any time delay or compromises.

Prospects: The scope for improvement

While the existing model of security guard companies utilizing security guard management software appears undefeatable, there is scope for improvement in everything. Dedicated Workforce Management Software providers understand that with the prevalence of technology in the industry, the risks of complete trust and reliance on technology can create some advanced risks. The modern solutions are apt for managing the current threats and risks in hand while the security guard software providers are continuously chasing the threats that could pop up in the future.

Any company that does not utilize the brilliance of Workforce Management Software is lacking a big tome. It is high time Security Guard Companies search for the best private security software company and take advantage of modern security guard management systems.

The future of private security, often referred to as the security guard industry, is set to witness significant advancements and changes. The adoption of futuristic security technologies and the evolving landscape of security threats will shape the industry’s trajectory. Here are some key aspects that will define the future of private security and security guarding services:

  1. Futuristic Security Technologies: The private security industry will increasingly rely on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and advanced analytics. AI-powered systems will play a crucial role in surveillance, threat detection, and decision-making processes. Automation will streamline operational workflows, improving efficiency and allowing security guards to focus on tasks that require human intervention. The integration of advanced analytics will enable security companies to leverage data insights for proactive risk management and preventive measures.

  2. Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures: As interconnected systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) become more prevalent, private security firms will prioritize cybersecurity. Safeguarding client data, securing networks, and preventing cyber attacks will be critical components of their service offerings. Robust cybersecurity protocols and expertise will be necessary to protect against evolving cyber threats.

  3. Training and Expertise: The future of private security will require security guards to adapt their skills and knowledge to keep pace with technological advancements. Training programs will focus on familiarizing security personnel with the latest technologies, including AI systems, cybersecurity practices, and crisis management techniques. Guards will need to interpret and respond to data insights effectively to proactively address security concerns.

  4. Integration of Drones and Robotics: Drones and robotics will play an integral role in the security guard industry. Drones will provide aerial surveillance, enabling security companies to monitor large areas efficiently and respond to incidents rapidly. Robotics will be utilized for tasks such as patrolling, access control, and routine operations, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations.

  5. Collaborative Security Ecosystems: Private security companies will collaborate more closely with other stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and technology providers. Such collaborations will enable faster response times, enhanced information sharing, and a more coordinated approach to security incidents. Sharing resources and intelligence will strengthen overall security capabilities.

Overall, the future of private security and security guarding services will be shaped by the integration of futuristic technologies, a focus on cybersecurity, continuous training and expertise development, the incorporation of drones and robotics, and collaborative partnerships with relevant stakeholders. By embracing these trends, the private security industry can adapt to evolving threats and provide effective security solutions in an increasingly complex security landscape.

How Can You Level Up Your Security Service Business?

Security Service Business

Staying in the game and being the leader are two different things. One cannot underestimate the power of technology. If you aim to be one of the best Security Guard Companies in your area, you need to adopt a workforce management system. Companies that are advanced with more technological aid to make their services more efficient, take the top ranks in the SERPs for queries on Google like “best security guard services near me”, “best private company near me” etc.

To take the business several notch higher, security guard companies need to act fast. There are several tools and practices that aid in the endeavor. From hiring the most talented and accountable security guard force to integrating more advanced Workforce Management Tools, maintaining pace with modern security requirements and establishing great relations with the clients, there are several ways a security company can stand out of the crowd.

If you aim to be the market leader Novagems offers you a one-stop solution. You can utilize the features of the software to enhance your efficiency and management and enjoy great results there on.

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