Security Guard Vs Security Officer: What is the Difference?

December 13, 2021

A security company is not just a bunch of guards delivering security services. Just like any other organization, a security company also has a hierarchy. If you run a security company, you must be aware of this hierarchy.

Besides the management and directors, these companies have security officers and security guards. Now, most of you might think that a security officer is just another term for a security guard, which is not correct.

If you are unaware of the difference between a security guard and a security office, we are here to explain it to you. So, let’s dive into it:

Who is a security officer?

A security officer is a manager that supervises a team of security guards. In most cases, they are ex-police or ex-military officers who take up the job of an officer in a security company. These officers manage large groups or teams of security guards and oversee their performance and conduct.

When we talk about managing the operations of security guards, there is a lot that security officers need to get done. They schedule guard duties, keep track of their shifts, record attendance, and communicate with them during emergencies.

Besides the management part, security officers can also train the security guards based on their skills and experience. They can guide them on what to do in dangerous situations and emergencies. They can also teach them how to use weapons for defense.

The experience and skills make a big difference between a security guard and a security officer.

The responsibilities of a security officer include:

  • Managing a group of security guards

  • Training the security guards

  • Keeping track of each security guard in terms of their shifts, locations, patrolling routes

  • Send help to the security guards in the case of emergencies

For security companies and security officers, the management of guards gets challenging as their number grows. So, we recommend having a task management system in place.

At Novagems, we provide security companies with such a solution. Our guard task management system helps security officers keep track of the security guards through an app or system. They can share regular schedules, track the location of the guards, and generate performance reports with ease. The system allows you to get a lot done without physically meeting the guards all the time. It saves the day for security officers and managers!

Who is a security guard?

A security guard is someone at a lower rank than a security officer. Security guards work under the guidance and training of security officers. While security guards do not need strict training, the security officers train them as per the job requirements.

A security company can have many security guards deployed to different locations or sent on patrolling duties. They generally have to report to a security officer, manager, or a supervisor who keeps track of their shifts and performance. The responsibilities of a security guard include:

  • Reporting to duty at the location and time assigned for them

  • Delivering high-quality security services

  • Reporting to the management in the case of emergencies

  • Ensuring the premises and people are safe around them

  • Using arms and weapons safely and responsibly

  • Reporting to the security officer or manager daily

With this, the difference between a security officer and a security guard is clear. So, if you were looking for some information on security guards and security officers, we hope this helped. Stay tuned for more!

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