Tips to Achieve Better Security Guard Tracking - Novagems

Thu, Jul 29, 2021

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But a security guard management system can help! From managing guard tour schedules to working as a guard tracking device, this system does it all !

Tips to Achieve Better Security Guard Tracking - Novagems

If you run a security company, your security guards are your brand’s best representatives. It only takes one small mistake by a guard to taint the reputation of your company. And once your security company’s reputation is at stake, it gets tough to regain your spot in the industry.

So, it becomes mandatory for a security company to pay special attention to its personnel. Tracking the movement of your guards and managing a strict schedule are the best ways to start! Besides, there are many other ways to make sure that your security guards are working efficiently. To help you keep a close eye on your security guards, we are here to help you with our tips for security guard tracking. Let us have a look at these tips and discuss them in detail:

Achieve Better

1. Use GPS Tracking and Geofencing

We have come quite far with technology, and terms like GPS tracking and Geofencing are not new anymore. With these technologies on board, it gets easier for a security services company to keep track of the movement of their guards.

Usually, GPS tracking and geofencing systems are available in security guard tracking apps used by security companies. You can easily install such apps on the mobile devices of the security guards, and the management can keep track of their movement. 

With features like live location, offline GPS trails, and geofencing, such apps let you easily track your security guards. The advanced features offer hands-on information about the current location, entry, exit, and logs of your guards on duty. Some of these security guard tracking apps even allow you to maintain an offline trail of the guards for the entire 8-hour shift. So, you can check the movement of your guard throughout their shift. Also, with the offline option, the management can track these trails later at any point. With features like Geofencing, you can allocate an area to a guard by setting a perimeter. In case the guard breaches the allocated perimeter, the management gets notified for the same. It helps the managers to take action accordingly.     

In simpler words, it gets easier to track the movement of your security guards through a tracking software or app with features like GPS Tracking, offline trailing, and Geofencing

Use GPS Tracking and Geofencing

2. Implement and Manage a Strict Scheduling System

With a strict schedule in place, it is easier to locate the security guards and patrolling vehicles. The scheduling system helps the managers to allocate the locations, sites, and routes in advance. However, for hassle-free management of the schedule, a security company needs to have security guard scheduling software in place. 

With the help of such software, you can assign duties to guards and keep track of the schedule for weeks, months, and years. 

As for your patrolling vehicles, when you have a schedule planned, you can easily track which patrolling vehicle is on which route, and you can easily track and contact the guards based on that information. 

3. Implement a Report Management System

Along with tracking and scheduling locations with a security guard monitoring system, you can also make provisions for the guards to report to the management. A security guard scheduling software makes reporting for guards easy and just one tap away.So, no more maintaining paperwork or excel sheets to record the movement of your employees. With an app on their mobile phones, the guards can easily report when they reach or leave the location of their duty, any emergencies they face, routes they take for patrolling, etc. 

Such a system allows the management to create logs that help the guards report regularly. With weekly, monthly, and yearly reports saved within the system, it gets easy for the managers to track the current and past performance of the guards.

So, with the right security guard monitoring system, it gets easy for a security company to track their security guard and manage the schedules, shifts, and reports. If you are looking for such a system or a tracking app for security guard tracking, get in touch with Novagems. We have the answers to all your queries and the solutions to all your problems. Talk to our experts today. We are just a tap away! 

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