Top Tactics to Retain Security Officers and Reduce Turnover By Increasing Engagement

Thu, Jul 21, 2022

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Security guard companies have long been struggling to retain their security officers. Losing even a single trained security officer can become a considerable liability for security companies. But what is fueling high turnover rates? There are many reasons, such as ineffective security guard scheduling, lack of technology application, low wages, etc.

Top Tactics to Retain Security Officers and Reduce Turnover By Increasing Engagement

Given the situation, one cannot just sit idle and hope the problems fix themselves. You must take necessary corrective measures and reduce turnover rates. One can start by using security guard software to facilitate better experiences. But besides that, you can take other steps as well. With that said, here are a couple of highly effective tactics to help you boost employee retention.

1. Orientation And Onboarding

When one hires a new security officer, it is important to push them in the right direction from the beginning. Your organization’s onboarding process must teach the security guard officers about the job. Additionally, it would be best if you also made efforts to acquaint them with the work culture and ways they can contribute to the success of the security guard company. Training and support using security guard software can also go a long way in this endeavor.  

2. Competitive Compensation For Security Guard Officers

The demand for security guards will always remain high. Your security guard officers are aware of that demand. As a result, they seek competitive compensation from their employer, and security companies need to provide such compensation. 

Ensure that your security officers are being paid a competitive salary or hourly wage that aligns with industry standards. Conduct regular salary reviews and adjustments to stay competitive and recognize their value. Security guard turnover rates are increasing day by day, the cost to retain an employee is far less than looking for new employees and training. To decrease the turnover rate in the security guard industry the organizations need to provide their employees with best of the rates or some other perks. 

However, it is understandable that it is not always easy to increase the compensation of employees. So it is recommended you try compensating them in other ways such as bonuses. Besides, maintaining flexible security guard scheduling with better health benefits can also help. The ultimate goal should be to ensure better job satisfaction for security guard officers.     

3. Continual Feedback On Employee Performance

Giving regular feedback to your security guard officers is more important than you think. You need to take sufficient time to review their performance now and then, to discuss their goals and ambitions. 

Sitting with your security guard officers and understanding their professional ambitions helps build a better connection. You can also take measures to help them realize those goals and grow as security guard officers. Using security guard software to keep track of their targets can make things more convenient and efficient. 

4. Welfare Offerings

Being a security guard officer is not easy as one might have to deal with many risk factors daily. So as an employer, you need to ensure your security guard officers are fit and healthy at all times. 

There can often be times when your security guard officers might suffer from mental health issues. You also need to ensure they are fit physically and mentally. Establish employee assistance programs to support security officers’ well-being and provide resources for personal or work-related challenges. This can include access to counseling services, financial assistance programs, or health and wellness initiatives. These initiatives will help you decrease the security turnover significantly. 

For instance, suppose a security guard officer is going through some issues. You can give them some time off with flexible security guard scheduling. These little efforts from your end will impact your security guard officers, further boosting the retention rates. 

5. Training And Development 

When a security guard officer joins your organization, they look for growth and development prospects you have to offer. You can curate programs to determine different growth areas and help them enhance and hone their existing skills. 

Provide opportunities for career growth and advancement within your organization. Offer training programs, certifications, and educational assistance to help security officers develop their skills and progress in their careers. Security guard performance goals matter to both the guard and the company. A good security guard reflects the work culture of the organization.

The growing prevalence of technology in the form of advanced security guard software makes training and development even more crucial. Besides, when an employee experiences growth in your organization, they become more likely to continue their employment with you.

6. Acknowledging Their Success 

It is always helpful when an employer makes efforts to highlight the achievements of their security guard officers. No matter how big or small the achievement might be, it is always great to acknowledge them. For instance, suppose some client has appreciated the security guard scheduling and service your security guard officers offer. In such cases, you must praise your security guard officers for the same. These things can help boost their morale and keep them motivated for good.  

Implement an employee recognition program to acknowledge and reward security officers for their hard work and dedication. This can include employee of the month/year awards, bonuses, performance-based incentives, or public recognition within the organization. Goal for security officers will be achieved faster if they know they have an award waiting for them at the end. 

7. Clear Communication

Establish open and transparent lines of communication between management and security officers. Regularly share updates, company news, and changes in policies or procedures. Encourage feedback and address concerns promptly to make security officers feel valued and heard. Security guard demands are increasing as people are becoming aware of the need for security in their lives and companies. 

Since security guards are usually working from many different locations, having a set channel for communication is the most ideal. You can even start using a management software that will let you give proper updates to your security guards or will let your security guard reach you in case they need any assistance. 

8. Work-Life Balance 

Promote a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible schedules, reasonable work hours, and adequate time off. Recognize the importance of their personal lives and allow for time to rest and rejuvenate.

Understand that your security guards have a life outside work too. They may need to achieve some personal goals and not only chase goals for security officers that you have set. A healthy work-life balance will give you a healthy and highly productive security guard.

9. Empowerment And Autonomy 

Provide security officers with the necessary tools, resources, and training to perform their duties effectively. Encourage autonomy and empower them to make decisions within their roles. Feeling trusted and respected enhances engagement and job satisfaction. The security guards will feel more empowered and you can retain the high performing security officers.

Once they are more informed regarding the workings of the organization the trust level will increase automatically. 

Final Thoughts

No matter the type of business you operate, your employees will always be your greatest assets. However, when running a security guard business, your security guard officers are the only most significant asset for your business. 

So it is only fair to treat them in a good and effective manner with security guard scheduling that does not interfere with their personal lives. Additionally, using technologies such as security guard software can also help enhance retention.  

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