Benefits Of Automating Workforce Scheduling With Security Guard Scheduler

Thu, Sep 16, 2021

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Automating Workforce Scheduling- Security companies have a team of security guards. These guards are assigned their duties and deployed at the areas where their services are required.

Benefits Of Automating Workforce Scheduling With Security Guard Scheduler

In our last blog posts, we talked about how security guards face hardships on the job and how a security company can effectively resolve the issues. Today, we will look into a problem that security companies face and how to solve it. To give you a hint, we will talk about the benefits of automated workforce scheduling. So, let’s get to it.

Security companies have a team of security guards. These guards are assigned their duties and deployed at the areas where their services are required. While it might sound easy, managing these security guards is not an easy task. There are many services that these guards have to deliver, depending on the areas covered by their company. To name a few:

Day and Night Security Duty for Commercial Buildings

Day and Night Security Duty for Residential Buildings

Security Patrolling

Security Duty in Public Areas like Malls, and so on

Besides, each guard has a different working shift and needs to be assigned the duty accordingly. On top of that, keeping track of their attendance and performance is a whole other story.

To manage all of this efficiently, companies need security guard scheduling software. If you are thinking that this software is not necessary we can change your notion. Let us look at the reasons why you need security guard scheduling software.

Time Savings And Increased Efficiency

Traditional workforce scheduling can be a laborious process, often involving manual paperwork, phone calls, and emails to coordinate shifts and handle requests. By implementing an automated workforce scheduling , administrative staff can save valuable time that would have been spent on mundane tasks. The system can generate optimized schedules based on employee availability, skills, and preferences, resulting in a more efficient allocation of personnel to different shifts and posts. This streamlines the entire scheduling process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring the right guards are assigned to the right places at the right time.

Improved Communication And Employee Satisfaction

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful organization. By allowing security guards to express their shift preferences and availability through the scheduling system, companies can enhance employee satisfaction. Employees feel valued when their preferences are taken into account, leading to increased morale and loyalty. Moreover, a security guard scheduling software  simplifies the process of requesting time off or swapping shifts, creating a more transparent and efficient communication channel between management and staff.

Reporting And Analytics For Data-Driven Insights

Many modern security guard scheduling solutions offer comprehensive reporting and analytics features. These insights provide valuable data on employee performance, attendance, and overall workforce trends. Data-driven decision-making enables management to identify patterns, address potential issues proactively, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and workforce management strategies.

Free security guard checkpoint system might be available easily on the web, but you need to make sure that they meet your requirements before you make any decision. Every business demands a different reporting system, and if the software is not providing you what you are looking for then maybe the dazzle of a free security guard checkpoint system is not all that glam. 

Mobile Accessibility For Seamless Operations

With mobile apps or web-based interfaces, security guards can access their schedules and receive updates on their smartphones or tablets. This mobile accessibility fosters seamless communication, even for guards working remotely or on the move, enhancing overall operational efficiency and connectivity.  

Security guard scheduling will only be beneficial if your security guards have an excess to it at the time of the need. Suppose your security guard needs a backup and they need to inform the management, the client whose premise they are protecting and the local authorities. If they do not have access then they will only be able to make phone calls and the situation might accelerate. 

Easy And Hassle-free Management

Hassle-free Management

When you start using security guard scheduling software for your security business, scheduling becomes very easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is enter the data about your security guards, their duties, shift timings, days of working, etc. You only need to do it one time and keep updating it.

Once you do that, the only thing left for you to do is scheduling. You can create daily, weekly, or monthly schedules for the guards as per their duties and timings. You can copy old schedules, or create new ones – it’s up to you! Share these schedules with all the guards who already have the software on their mobile phones.

You can do all of this with just a single tap on your mobile phone. So, forget all the troubles of the manual scheduling of your security guards. Security guard scheduling software is an easy and more comfortable way of scheduling. Benefits of workforce scheduling are endless and organizations really can have hassle-free management on their hands if it is used properly.

Flexible Scheduling

If your guards have trouble sticking to a strict schedule due to commuting or timing issues, you can create a few options according to the set variables, and share them. This way, you can follow a flexible scheduling pattern and provide your guards with schedule options through the scheduling software itself.

They can go through these options and select the most suitable one for their shift. It is one of the best benefits of automated workforce scheduling as it keeps the guards satisfied and less anxious for the job.

Fewer Errors

Fewer Errors

No matter what people say, human error is a thing. However, we are not saying that technology is 100% accurate, but it performs way better than human beings in many senses.

When you become reliant on a manual scheduling system, you make the entire scheduling process predisposed to human errors. If you have been following manual scheduling, you must be aware of the limitations it has and the errors that happen. Omission of entries, skipping of names, slip-ups in the shift allocation, etc. are inevitable with manual scheduling. All these errors lead to chaos, mismanagement, and confusion – even if it is for a few hours.

On the other hand, when you have a scheduling app or software to handle these tasks, you can do much better and keep the manual errors at bay. You need to enter the data once and then keep playing with the schedules regularly. It is easier and error-free to a great extent.

Helps Keep Things Transparent

Things Transparent

When you choose good security guard scheduling software, you tap into features like GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and whatnot.

All these high-tech features help you keep track of the guards, their location, entry, and exit at the place of duty, patrolling routes, etc. With such technology, you can keep a clear record of what the guards are doing and how they performed during a period. This helps keep things transparent.

Helps Keep A Record

It is an extension of the previous point. Along with keeping a close eye on your guards through GPS tracking, you can also maintain their records. One of the benefits of automated workforce scheduling systems is that they help you with back-office management and report maintenance.

These features will help you keep a record of your security guards. Through such information, you can make decisions for the guards based on their work, performance, discipline, and sense of responsibility.

Fair Play

When you have the data of your security guards and clients stored in one system, it gets easier to analyze their potential. So, you can schedule their duties as per their skills and potential.

This way, it can be fair play from the management’s side because they can assign fair duties to the guards. So, they don’t feel like they have been burdened by the duties they cannot perform.

So, these are the benefits of automated workforce scheduling that you can achieve from the right software. If you are looking for such security guard scheduling software, you can get in touch with Novagems. Our system comes with features like scheduling, GPS tracking, guard management, back office management, live chat, and emergency response.

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