Using Security Guard Management Software To Facilitate Rotating Shifts

Fri, Apr 28, 2023

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Running a security guard business without dedicated security guards is anything but possible for many apparent reasons. However, simply having security guards and overworking them will result in businesses losing their workforce. This is where rotational shifts for your security guards can be very helpful for your business.

Using Security Guard Management Software To Facilitate Rotating Shifts

But facilitating rotational shifts for your security guards is much easier said than done, as there are many nuances associated with this ordeal. Navigating all these complexities manually will do little to no good to your business. But you can always leverage security guard management software and use technology to your advantage. 

So, here are some of the best ways a security guard management software like Novagems can help you facilitate rotational shifts. 

  1. GPS Geofencing 

One of the best things about using security guard management software like Novagems is its unique GPS geofencing feature. You can use this feature to set up virtual boundaries along with some cybernetic limitations for your security guards. 

This will help you prevent security guards from missing their duties and ensure they do their job effectively. The app will ensure that the security guard is at the located site where he is required. But since the effective duty is also tiring, you can then rotate their shifts and ensure they are not overworked at any point in time.     

  1. Live Tracking 

Another important feature you get with Novagems security guard management software is the live tracking feature. This will help you keep track of the live location of your entire fleet and their movements in real time. This will help you establish better transparency and prevent any unauthorized time-offs and breaks. 

As a result, your security guards will become more proactive, and you can then rotate their shifts with someone else. This will optimize the productivity of the guards making them more efficient. This will ensure the optimum use of available resources for everyone.    

  1. Shift Planning 

The Novagems security guard software offers another amazing and useful feature, shift planning. There can often be cases where your security guards might need to work around the clock. 

But of course, you cannot expect a sole guard to work around the clock without any breaks. This is where this feature comes in as a handy tool to help you plan shifts in a manner that does not adversely affect anyone. The shifts of the security guard can be planned ahead of time easily. 

  1. Open Shifts 

Another amazing offering from the Novagems security guard management software are open shifts. This feature will help you easily fill any open shifts to maximize productivity. The open shift feature will automatically notify a security guard whenever there is an open shift, and they have the competence to fill the shift. As a result, you can quickly establish rotational shifts for your workforce and ensure someone is always looking after your clients.   

  1. Shift And Time Cost Analysis 

Yet another important thing you need to facilitate rotational shifts is the shift time and cost analysis feature from Novagems security guard software. This cloud-based feature is designed to eliminate all the risks associated with shorthand rush, overstaffed shifts, rush timings, and much more. 

Basically, you can use this feature to determine the cost and time you need for a shift. This will give you a more comprehensive idea about your security shift and facilitate rotational shifts accordingly.  This way you can build the brand image for your company easily. 

  1. Instant Security Guard Replacement 

There are many reasons why Novagems is one of the best security guard software available. But the software’s instant security guard replacement feature is undoubtedly one of its most outstanding qualities. 

This comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it much easier to reschedule employees. Besides that, this will also help you establish more effective adherence to efficient time management for your rotational shifts. This feature will help you analyze all the workflows and share dedicated schedules with a tap of a button. 

  1. Self-Scheduling 

The self-scheduling feature is another amazing offering from Novagems security guard management software. This feature allows you to give your security guards the independence to manage their work schedules. This will help minimize sick day leaves and enhance their productivity with minimal effort. 

But most importantly, it will eliminate the headache of you managing all the rotational shift complications for good. This way, your security guards can collaborate with other team members and pick the right rotational shifts.     

Final Thoughts

Rotational shifts are much more complex than one might imagine them to be. So, it is always better to leverage the nuanced capabilities of advanced security guard management software. Using such solutions will help you curate the right shifts and schedules for your employees while considering all crucial influencing factors. So, use technology to your advantage and facilitate sustainable growth.    

If you’re looking for such a software program or system for your security company, contact Novagems. We offer innovative solutions to your managerial problems and make it easy for you to handle everyday tasks with promising technology! Book a demo today.

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