Getting a Cleaning Contract: What Questions You Should Prepare for Client Interview

Wed, Apr 6, 2022

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If you have been in the cleaning business for the past few years, you must be well aware of the cut-throat competition prevailing in the markets.

Getting a Cleaning Contract: What Questions You Should Prepare for Client Interview

Whether you deliver commercial cleaning services or residential ones, maid services or janitorial ones, getting a cleaning contract is not easy.

So, you need to prepare yourself for client interviews and leave the best first impression. Just telling the clients that you have an experienced staff and a cleaning workforce management system is not enough. You need to back it up with factual information about your business to make the clients believe you. But don’t worry! We did the homework for you.  

Here is a list of questions you should prepare for your client interview: 

1. How many years have you been in the cleaning services?

Whether you are a new cleaning company or an old one, be straightforward with your experience. 

Lying about your experience does no good and might play with your credibility if the client finds out about it later. 

If you are an experienced cleaning company, it is a plus. It is because clients usually prefer companies that have been working for years. However, if you are new, do not be disheartened. You have to start from somewhere, and this can be your chance. Prepare a pitch that impresses your client. For this, you need to prepare impressive answers to the following questions.

2. How do you select and screen your staff?

The clients often need information about how well qualified your staff is and how reliable the cleaners are. Your cleaning staff will be on their premises, so your clients need to ensure that you hire trustworthy people. So, prepare the information about your interview and screening process along with your onboarding procedure. Here, you need to highlight the practices you follow to ensure that you hire qualified and reliable cleaners only. For instance, you can mention that you ask for the employees’ affidavits and other documents that reassure their credibility.

3. How do you train and manage your employees?

When the clients ask this question, they try to measure the capabilities of your staff. The training methods of your company tell a lot about how well your cleaners will work on the job. In other words, the training methods you use reflect your staff’s efficiency. So, prepare an answer on how you train your staff by enlisting everything included about that matter.

Also, the other big question is how do you manage your employees? It is an opportunity for you to showcase your managerial capabilities. Talk to your clients about what management processes and tools your company uses. If you use a cleaning workforce management system, this is the right time to talk about the same. You can talk about how you schedule, follow up, fill open shifts, and manage the workflow. You can also talk about how you track the work progress and the location of your cleaning staff. 

Clients often prefer technically advanced companies because their staff is also a part of a more advanced protocol, which assures them of quality services.  

4. What type of clients have you worked for in the past?

It is a no-brainer that the client will look for a cleaning company providing services in their niche. Specifically, a business owner or builder will look for commercial cleaners. However, residential clients will look for maids or home cleaning services. 

We advise you to research how flexible the client is on this subject. If you have experience in residential cleaning and the client is only strictly looking for commercial cleaners, you might end up disappointing them. 

However, if they do not have any strict requirements and you want to go for the commercial cleaning jobs, you can prepare an impressive pitch on how you are the perfect fit! So, prepare your answer accordingly.  

5. What insurance policies do you have? 

The answer to this question should be precise and accurate. You cannot promise to have insurance coverage you do not have because that might land you in trouble. 

The clients often look for insurance policies and coverage like General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Umbrella Policies, etc. Prepare a clear answer stating the insurance policies that your cleaning company has and the coverage they provide to the client.  

With clear answers to these questions, you will be ready for the interview with your cleaning company. However, before you proceed, keep your portfolio in place so that you can show it to your clients whenever they need it. The most crucial addition to your portfolio is the best management software for cleaning companies. 

With an advanced cleaning workforce management system and its features, you can impress your clients. It will boost the reputation of your company instantly. 

If you are looking for a workforce management system for your cleaning company, contact Novagems. We will help you get on board!

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