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Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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Security Guard Management Software

Communication Chat | - Security Guard Patrol Tracking System – Novagems

Manager to guard Direct Chat

  • All conversations between a manager and guard are stored via a simple UI
  • Maintains the company information in the App only

Chat history for Manager

Chat history for Manager

  • Archives every conversation
  • Useful for any post incident analysis

Share Media over chat

Share Media over chat

  • Gives more clarity of incidents with photos and videos
  • Saves your time that is used to make manual documents

6 Best Team Chat Apps For Business In 2023

There are several team chat apps that are widely used in the workplace for communication, collaboration, and project management. Here are five of the best team chat apps:


Slack is one of the most popular team chat apps, known for its user-friendly interface, customizable channels, integrations with various third-party tools, and robust search capabilities. It supports direct messaging, group conversations, and file sharing.

Slack is not able to track the security guard status or his whereabouts during his patrols but sure it can come handy when an emergency arises.  You can easily contact your fellow guards. It can be used for its communication chat feature, but it will fall short if you want to track the activities and patrols of your guards too. 

Each Slack workspace includes a General channel that serves the entire company, yet most of the daily conversations occur within channels tied to particular projects or teams. Users have the autonomy to choose which of these channels they wish to join. This flexibility allows them to prevent being overwhelmed by messages concerning projects that aren’t relevant to their responsibilities.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite and offers a comprehensive platform for team communication, video conferencing, document sharing, and collaboration. It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, and SharePoint.

Individuals have the capability to plan meetings with set agendas or engage in impromptu discussions. Furthermore, the platform offers robust collaboration tools, including seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications, enabling joint work on documents, scheduling events, and sharing notes.

Microsoft Teams takes the top place when it comes to handling the communication chat. But when it comes to the security guard industry it has its own drawbacks as well. You cannot track your security guards or have their live location in case a need arises. The management needs to know where their security guard is posted in case they need to send some information. 

Google Chat (formerly Hangouts Chat):

Google Chat is integrated with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and offers real-time messaging, threaded conversations, and document collaboration. It integrates with Google Drive for easy file sharing.

Google Chat has recently gone under some extensive upgrade and they have even come up with a newer and better version. But it still lacks when it comes to the security guard industry. It still lacks an important feature of GPS tracking and geofencing so that an organization can check the security guard status. 

Google chat is something you can still checkout if it meets your needs and requirements, especially if your organization is already familiar with Google Workspace


While popular in the gaming community, Discord can also be used for workplace communication. It offers voice and video chat, text channels, direct messaging, and integrations with other tools. All of these features sure sound interesting but in case some instant response needs to be sent, then security guards cannot.

Initially designed for gamers, the platform’s current focus is on a wider range of online communities rather than corporate usage. It lacks extensive business-oriented functionalities, and its integrations primarily consist of third-party-developed bots.

Discord is quite popular in the gaming industry due to its feature of communication chat. The gamers can easily have a conversion without any disturbance, but is it successful in the physical security guard industry? I don’t think so. Because the only noticeable feature it has ends with a good communication chat feature. 

Workplace by Facebook:

Workplace by Facebook is designed for business communication and collaboration. It includes familiar Facebook features like posts, comments, and groups, along with video conferencing and integrations. You sure can send messages, but you cannot maintain reports of any incidents happening. 

When Facebook was first launched, it took the internet up by a storm. Everyone was using it to chat with people who stayed millions of miles away. It helped the security guards to help and maintain their personal relationships but that was all. Sure the security guards could change the status, but it was of little to no use in their professional life. 


While often used for personal messaging, Telegram also offers features suitable for team communication, such as group chats, file sharing, voice and video calls, and bots.

Telegram was a hit amongst the youngsters when it was first introduced. They usually used it to have personal conversations hence not many people in the companies were excited about it. Especially in the security guard industry as a communication chat feature.  


When choosing a team chat app, consider factors such as your team’s communication style, the need for integrations with other tools, security features, and any specific requirements you may have for collaboration and project management. It’s also a good practice to involve your team in the decision-making process to ensure that the chosen app meets everyone’s needs.

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