Guard Tour Tracking And Lone Worker Protection

Sun, Jul 16, 2023

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Explore the benefits of guard tour tracking and lone worker protection. Discover how these systems enhance safety, improve accountability, and increase efficiency. Learn about key features to consider when choosing the right solution and best practices for successful implementation. Safeguard your lone workers with effective guard tour tracking.

Guard Tour Tracking And Lone Worker Protection

Security industry is not new to remote work. They have been managing operations remotely since ages now. The security guards that are working hard to protect the premises are scattered over many locations. The management is sitting at another place to whom the security guards report. That is why companies are always looking for the best guard tour tracking system for lone worker protection to enhance their operations.

Organizations need to worry about the security of their employees and their customers at the same time. They need to ensure that their security guards are working properly and guarding the premises at all times. Now they cannot be present there to evaluate and keep a check on the security measures everytime that is why a guard tour tracking system has been quite popular for some time now. 

The Role of Security Guards

Physical Security:

Security guards are the visible deterrents that help prevent unauthorized access and criminal activities. They patrol premises, monitor surveillance cameras, and control access points, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter secure areas. Worker-guard is there to make the premise feel more safe.

Patrolling and Surveillance:

Security patrols help identify and address security vulnerabilities. Guards monitor surveillance systems, perform regular checks, and report suspicious activities or safety hazards. Lone worker tracking becomes essential here as sometimes they might be patrolling the areas alone. In case they come face to face with any danger, they can use lone worker tracking systems to alert the respective authorities.

Access Control:

Controlling access to buildings and facilities is a core duty. Guards verify credentials, issue visitor badges, and maintain visitor logs to ensure that only authorized personnel gain entry.

After covid the real importance of guard tour tracking in ensuring lone worker safety came to light for the security guard industry. Being a security guard is a tough job and you need to be alert at all times. When a security guard is working alone, the risk increases by a significant margin as well. That is why enhancing lone worker security with guard tour tracking technology is the hot topic right now.

Benefits of Guard Tour Tracking and Lone Worker Protection

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, ensuring the safety and security of lone workers is of paramount importance. Guard tour tracking systems provide an effective solution that not only enhances the protection of lone workers but also offers a range of benefits for businesses. Let’s explore the advantages of guard tour tracking and its impact on lone worker safety.

Enhanced Safety and Security for Lone Workers: 

Guard tour tracking ensures that security guards follow designated routes and complete required checkpoints, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and enhancing overall security. Security guard tracking is made simpler and you can enhance the safety of your workers too. 

Lone worker protection systems are designed to ensure the safety of employees working alone in potentially hazardous environments. These systems offer various features, such as panic buttons or automated check-ins, providing immediate assistance in case of emergencies.

Real-Time Monitoring: 

With guard tour tracking systems, security managers can monitor guard activities in real-time, allowing them to respond quickly to any incidents or emergencies that may arise.

In the event of an incident or emergency, lone worker protection systems can automatically alert designated personnel or emergency services, enabling rapid response and minimizing the risk of injury or harm to the lone worker.

Proof of Service: 

Guard tour tracking provides a reliable record of guard patrols and activities, serving as concrete evidence of service provision. This can be crucial in situations where liability issues or disputes arise. With the help of visual proofs, the organizations can save themselves from the blame game. They can even help the authorities in providing the adequate data for investigation in case an incident is reported.

By proactively implementing measures to protect lone workers, organizations can mitigate potential risks and reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries, or other harmful incidents. This not only benefits the employees but also contributes to the overall reputation and brand image of the organization.

Improved Accountability and Efficiency with Guard Tour Tracking: 

The system allows security managers to evaluate guard performance by analyzing patrol data, ensuring guards adhere to protocols and maintain high standards of professionalism.

These systems provide a comprehensive record of lone workers’ activities and whereabouts, offering a transparent and auditable trail of their tasks and responsibilities. The data gathered through guard tour tracking enables employers to 

  • Assess productivity, 
  • Identify bottlenecks, and 
  • Optimize workflows. 

This improved visibility leads to better resource allocation and more efficient operations.


In the event of an incident or emergency, guard tour tracking systems can provide valuable information, such as the time and location of the incident, enabling effective investigation and analysis.

By implementing lone worker protection systems, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to employee safety and well-being. This can foster a positive work environment, enhancing employee morale and loyalty.

Choosing The Right Guard Tour Tracking Solution

Selecting the appropriate guard tour tracking solution is crucial for achieving effective lone worker protection. Several factors need to be considered when choosing the right system for your organization.

Key Features To Consider For Lone Worker Protection

When evaluating guard tour tracking software for ensuring lone worker safety, look for features specifically designed to enhance lone worker safety. These may include panic buttons or emergency alerts that allow workers to quickly request assistance in hazardous situations. Additionally, geofencing capabilities can define virtual boundaries, triggering alerts when a worker enters or exits designated areas.

Top features of guard tour software for lone worker protection are listed below if you are looking for a software that will elevate your day to day operations.

Real-Time Information: 

The system should provide real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing employers or designated personnel to track the location and status of lone workers continuously. This feature ensures immediate response in case of emergencies or when assistance is needed.

GPS Tracking: 

GPS tracking enables accurate location monitoring of lone workers, which is particularly important in outdoor or remote environments. It allows employers to quickly locate workers in distress and dispatch help to the precise location.

  • GPS technology allows employers to track the real-time location of lone workers.
  • If a worker deviates from their expected route or location, it can trigger alerts.
  • GPS tracking can also help emergency responders locate a worker in distress more quickly.

This makes lone worker tracking far easier. With the actual data in front of them the management can prevent themselves from time theft and employees can prevent themselves from any false claims.

Panic Button/Emergency Alerts: 

The system should include a panic button or an emergency alert feature that lone workers can easily activate in case of immediate threats or emergencies. This feature should instantly notify designated contacts or a central monitoring station to initiate appropriate actions.


Geofencing allows employers to define virtual boundaries or safety zones for lone workers. If a worker enters or exits a predefined area, the system can send notifications or alerts, ensuring adherence to safety protocols or identifying potential risks.

Incident Reporting And Documentation: 

The system should facilitate incident reporting, enabling lone workers to document and provide detailed information about any accidents, injuries, or hazardous situations they encounter. This feature helps with post-incident analysis, investigations, and compliance purposes.

Methods of Monitoring Lone Worker Safety

Monitoring the safety of lone workers is a critical responsibility for employers to ensure the well-being of their employees who work independently or in isolation. Several methods and technologies can be used to monitor lone worker safety effectively. Here are some of the most common methods:

Check-In Procedures:

Lone workers can be required to establish regular check-in times, either through phone calls, text messages, or a designated check-in system.If a check-in is missed or delayed, it can trigger an alert for further investigation or assistance. Lone worker tracking systems will assist you in keeping the employees in tracks of when they are starting their duties.

Mobile Apps:

Dedicated lone worker safety apps can be installed on employees’ mobile devices.These apps often include features like GPS tracking, check-in prompts, and emergency alert buttons. In case of an emergency, the app can send alerts with the worker’s location to designated contacts or a monitoring center. Tracking lone workers is made easier when they have a mobile on them. They can easily install the tracking app on their devices and then voila! Lone worker tracking is enabled.


Lone workers should be trained on how to stay safe in their work environment. This training should cover topics such as personal safety, emergency procedures, and how to use the monitoring systems that are in place. Worker-guard everyone needs to be trained about the potential dangers they might encounter during their shifts and how to tackle them. Lone worker tracking systems will only function properly if the worker-guard are trained enough to know how to operate such systems. 

Audible and Visual Alarms:

Lone workers can carry audible or visual alarms that can be activated in emergencies. These alarms are especially useful in situations where the worker may not be able to communicate verbally or through a mobile device. Or having a simple panic button works as a lone worker tracking system as it will alert the respective authorities whenever their worker-guard has faced any issue at work.


Geofencing technology allows organizations to define virtual boundaries around specific areas. If a lone worker enters or leaves a defined area, an alert can be generated, ensuring that workers stay within designated safe zones. Geofencing will prevent time theft as well and the management will have the data if the security guard is not performing his/her patrolling duty. Geofencing works as a lone worker tracking tool as well since real time data will be given.

Integrating Guard Tour Tracking with Existing Security Measures

Choosing the right guard tour tracking solution for lone worker protection is never an easy task. There are many factors that come into play when you are looking for a system that will help you in cost cutting. Importance of guard tour tracking in ensuring lone worker safety is widely known in the security industry nowadays.

That is why Novagems brings you a smart automated software that will take care of this task in moments. We have features like real time monitoring and instant notification, GPS tracking and geofencing that you can easily collaborate with other systems you are using to elevate your operations and provide the best security measures in town.

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