How Poor Workforce Scheduling Costs Healthcare Companies Millions (And What To Do About It)

Wed, May 3, 2023

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Workforce management is a broad subject that caters to many needs of clients and employees. Scheduling plays a significant role in making proper workforce management software. Because of changing demands, organizations face difficulties in last-minute scheduling, repetitive scheduling, and no coordination.

How Poor Workforce Scheduling Costs Healthcare Companies Millions (And What To Do About It)

Due to this, there has been a rise in a decrease in the overall customer experience. Since the management is already dealing with so many things a poor schedule or no communication between the team causes unnecessary stress, scheduling conflicts, and frustration.

Hence there is an urgent need to incorporate workforce management software. If they are still using the old method of scheduling and spreadsheets, then they need top workforce management software to streamline the process. They need to be prepared for everything.

While this tool may appear easy to use, its primary objective is not to schedule shifts, particularly not in a dynamic and flexible manner that takes into account the availability of employees and the changing needs of the business. The limitations of manual scheduling are clear not only in decreased productivity resulting from unforeseen absences and missed shifts but also in the financial impact of overtime expenses and employee turnover.

How Mismanagement in Healthcare Scheduling Affects The Employees

When employees are required to work overtime or fill in for understaffed shifts, their level of engagement decreases because they perceive it as an unfair burden placed on them. This can result in a negative impact on customer relations, as these employees may come across as indifferent or even rude to customers, leading to a loss of potential business and a negative impact on the company’s reputation.

If employees lack the ability to manage their own work schedules, they will eventually be compelled to miss work even if they are highly committed to their jobs. This high turnover rate can be financially burdensome for the company, especially for front-line employees.

How Can You Avoid Mismanagement Of Employees?


Health systems can adopt a cost-saving approach from other industries by prioritizing the reduction of employee turnover and improving staff retention. Continuously recruiting new staff members is a costly and time-intensive process. One of the key ways to address this issue and reduce costs is to prioritize employee satisfaction and create a positive work environment.

A cloud workforce management system will help you recognize the time when the staff needs breaks. Sometimes overtime can be unavoidable, but it should not be that much that it starts affecting the health of the employees.


Efforts to decrease healthcare costs should not be limited to reducing expenses. One approach that can help reduce costs and improve employee retention is publicly acknowledging and expressing gratitude towards hospital teams and associates. Consistently recognizing and celebrating employees for their outstanding performance can have a measurable impact on employee engagement and retention.

Integrating Workforce Management Software With Healthcare Industry

AI is the future of healthcare if it’s integrated properly. The reality of today is that we need to have some sort of tool in our processes so that we can manage the processes efficiently. We can imagine a world where decisions are made based on information. 

More Data, More Information, Better Connection

Data is present in abundance in the healthcare industry. There are times when even the best of people might fail in getting productive results. And handling that much data is not easy, there are bound to be some frustrations and an overwhelming sense of underproductivity. AI has been on the minds of healthcare professionals for some time now and many have started using it in their daily routines. 

Integrating the data in one place is the only situation where healthcare organizations can streamline their operations. When everyone in the organization is informed and on the same page, they can make better decisions and future plans. 

Sometimes having the best workforce management software in the market is not enough. You need to do your research and find the best possible solution that works best for your healthcare organization and needs. There can be some free workforce management software available online if you are already not using any. For beginners, it can be a great opportunity to explore the unexplored. 

Conclusion Drawn

To meet the rising demands for a better customer experience it’s important for healthcare organizations to study the market and see what their pain points are. This will help them collect real-time data and they can come up with real solutions that their customers demand. No one wants unhappy clients or customers and everyone wants to stay ahead of the competition. If you are struggling with poor workforce scheduling then you can check out Novagems and see if it meets your needs.

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