Event Security: 4 Tips to Ensure a Safe and Secure Event

Thu, Apr 14, 2022

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As a security company, providing services for event security, you must assure the safety of the visitors. Yet, during most events, the security of visitors is the last thing people think about. However, for event security guards, it is crucial to take all security protocols into consideration before the event begins. So, from setting checkpoints to ensuring the deployment of security equipment, everything needs your attention.

Event Security: 4 Tips to Ensure a Safe and Secure Event

The level of event security depends on the type of event you are providing services for. However, regardless of the type, a fail-safe event security plan, you can ensure a successful event. If the event involves political parties, it requires more guards and jet-tight checking. There should be guards looking over everyone. Whereas in any family get-together, there are fewer chances of crimes. So, in events like a political campaign, the chances of attacks and criminal activities are higher, so such events require tight special events security or well-trained guards.

Whether big or small, there is always a security threat whenever there is a social gathering. The chances of harm are too great not to take event security seriously. So, here are four tips to prepare yourself for the threats.

1. Assess Your Security Risks

When it comes to providing security, in any event, the first thing to consider is the risk of the event. As we mentioned above, political campaigns have a higher security risk than a birthday party.

Your first step is to determine what kind of risk you are haggling with during the event. Here are some things to consider:

  • Who is the host of your event? Are they a target for any criminal group or individual?
  • Who will be the attendees for your event? Do they attract any dispute?
  • What is the context of the event? Does the topic or subtopics of your event invite security problems?
  • Do you expect protests, counter-protests, or any media involvement?

If the answers point towards a high-risk factor, you need tight security. Deploying highly trained security guards and introducing more checkpoints with tight security may help. Ask your security guards to be on a high alert in case of such events.   

2. Keep Your Security Measures Visible

The goal of having special events security is to stop the threats in the first place. The best is to analyze the possible agitator of security measures and prepare yourself in advance. Keeping the security team hidden and undercover does more harm than good. As the agitators think the event is unprotected, they may start trouble. 

If you make your security team and devices obvious, the attendees will feel safer. They know your security personnel and tools are there to protect their wellbeing. In the case of any emergency, it will be clear for attendees where to find help. Also, when the security guards are visible, the criminals will dial it down and even leave the place out of the fear of being caught. 

3. Create Security Checkpoints

One of the most effective ways to protect people from security threats is to set up checkpoints. Whosoever enters the event must pass through to get inside. This forces agitators to face security personnel before they can cause any damage.

For example, instead of lodging a registration desk right outside the doorway, you would place it a few hundred feet away in the lobby. It would prevent the uninvited person from entering the premises. You can stop them right before they reach the crowd and wouldn’t let them do any harm to the attendees. In the case of events that need high security at events, you can install body scanners to ensure no person possesses weapons. If they do, you can detain them outside and take action.  

4. Develop an Emergency Plan

Before the event, the security guards should create an emergency plan. The purpose of the emergency plan is to create a procedure for the attendees in an emergency.

This emergency plan should include :

  • Different ways to evacuate the place.
  • How to act in front of an active shooter?
  • Information about the safe rooms or areas.
  • Information about where the staff should gather in case of emergency.

These are the necessary things a security company should keep in mind to ensure event security. So, prepare your event security plan accordingly. 

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