Top Challenges Faced By Security Guards In Summer

Tue, Sep 7, 2021

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Carrying out a smooth workflow of a security guard company and delivering top-notch security services take diligent effort. While the management works hard to keep the workflow managed

Top Challenges Faced By Security Guards In Summer

Carrying out a smooth workflow of a security guard company and delivering top-notch security services take diligent effort. While the management works hard to keep the workflow managed, the security guards still have the toughest task at hand. Besides the extreme weather conditions, the dangers at the job, and other hardships, they are required to offer nothing but high security. 

However, no matter how well-trained and experienced your security guards are. They still face troubles in certain conditions. The most common instance is when they have to be on duty under the scorching heat of the summer sun. 

As a security guard company, you must be aware of the common problems of security guards in summer. It will help you take the right actions to safeguard them from the struggles and hardships.  So, let’s discuss these problems and find the possible solutions for them:

1. Exposure To The Scorching Sun

With most of us doing office jobs, most of us are unfamiliar with the hardships that people with field jobs face. For a security guard deployed outside a building, it gets very tough during summer to stand under and get direct exposure to the scorching heat of the sun. 

For patrolling or static guards, this situation might lead to heatstroke, nosebleeds, and other health challenges. 

To tackle the problem, a security company should provide their guards with the right resources like a suitable uniform or a sheltered area to deploy them.

Hot weather means excessive sweating, especially when you are outdoors. For security guards, being out in the open under the sun is a usual scenario. While the sun’s heat has other side effects too, it leads to excessive sweating. On top of that, the guards have to wear uniforms too. So, dealing with sweat and related problems becomes one of the biggest challenges of security guards in summer.

They experience skin rashes, sunburn, freckles, and other skin problems due to exposure to the sun and excessive sweating.

3. Impact On Performance And Mood

Security guards are human beings too. So, it is inevitable that extreme weather conditions will impact their mood. Excessive heat during the summer season leads to an irritated mood. It impacts the performance of the security guards as they may lash out in the public or react in an aggravating way.

It impacts the reputation of the security guard and the security guard company. The best way to avoid it is to assign shorter shifts to each security guard and manage the same with the help of a guard tour system. With less time spent in the hot weather, the guards are more likely to keep their cool and perform better.

If you need such a system for your security company, get in touch with Novagems. Our smart solutions will help you carry out your operations without any hassle.

4. Security Breaches During Remote Work

With many people working remotely, buildings may be more vulnerable to security breaches such as break-ins or theft. Security guards may need to be extra vigilant in monitoring suspicious behavior and securing the premises. Securing the premises is at the top of the list on the priority list for security guards. And security guard problems do include when they have to work alone. Novagems provide Lone worker protection for the guard patrolling the area safely. 

5. Dealing With Antsy People

Not only the guards but the people around them might also get aggravated due to the hot weather. Such situations lead to an irritated vibe going on everywhere, especially in crowded and public areas. This might lead to aggravated outbursts, scuffles, and nuisances that the security guards have to deal with. It adds to their challenges at the job.

Excessive heat might lead to accidents like the electric facilities of a building catching fire. These scenarios are quite common in summer and may lead to hazards like fire. The security guards have to work with such dangers lurking around. Also, they need to be prepared for such hazards with the right equipment and backup to avoid losses. 

For emergencies like this, a security company should have a guard tour system in place that the security guards can use to send emergency alerts and call for backup. 

Health and Safety Tips for Security Guards During Summer

  • Keep a water bottle handy all the time and keep drinking water. 
  • Eat well before duty. It is advised to eat watery fruits that will help you fight the impacts of heat. 
  • Wear a hat or a cap from your uniform to help cover your head and protect it against direct sun exposure. 
  • Wear sunscreen to prevent sun damage to the skin. 
  • Wear soft and cotton-based undergarments to help absorb sweat and prevent rashes.
  • Avoid standing or sitting directly under the sun. Find or ask for a sheltered space. 
  • Keep in touch with your team and management. With GPS tracking via a guard tour system installed in your phone, you can be prepared for emergencies and call for help, whenever required. 
  • If something doesn’t feel right like issues with your health, contact your managers right away. 
  • Learn to cool down your bloodstream and pulse points by running your wrists under cold water when you feel heatstroke.  
  • Avoid eating hot, spicy, and heavy meals before or on duty. 

With these health and safety tips for security guards, your duty during the summer can be a little less daunting. So, keep in mind that your health comes first, and take the required actions and precautions to avoid the harmful effects of the summer heat.

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