Addressing Remote Security Guard Concerns

Fri, Sep 8, 2023

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Discover effective solutions for addressing remote security guard concerns and enhancing safety. Learn how to overcome challenges and optimize your security operations. Safeguard your business with expert insights.

Addressing Remote Security Guard Concerns

Traditional security guards have long been the frontline protectors of our homes, businesses, and assets. Their physical presence and vigilance were the hallmarks of security. However, as technology has advanced, so too have our security needs. Enter remote security guards. 

Remote security guards leverage state-of-the-art technology. They can monitor multiple locations from a central hub, instantly identify potential threats, and take proactive measures to address security breaches. This evolution promises increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced security. Still, it’s not without its concerns.

Challenges of remote security guards are something that might not be a lot that is talked about, but  they exist and they need to be addressed. 

Understanding Remote Security Guard Worries

Benefits of remote security guards are numerous but that does not mean that it’s a bed of roses for security guards. There are many threats they need to be aware of and deal with on a daily basis to make everyone around them feel secure. They are guarding people, assets and premises all at the same time. Remote work is continuously on the rise and stats show that it will continue to rise. 

Security industry was already challenging enough, but with the rise of remote guarding it has become more challenging. Challenges of remote security guards are not only restricted to facing and handling the potential threat, but they have to deal with technical glitches as well. Before you try to understand the remote security guard worries you need to understand what those challenges are.

Top 5 Remote Security Guard Concerns

If you have started the journey of providing the best possible security for your clients then you need to keep your security guards at the top of their game. How to address remote security guard concerns? First educate yourself with the concerns. 

Concern 1 - Challenges With Communication

Remote guards are not physically present at the property they are guarding, so they may have difficulty communicating with people on-site or with the security control center. This can be a problem in an emergency situation, when quick communication is essential. Security guard monitoring software will help you have a clear channel of communication with multiple security guards. Having a proper remote guard communication is not an easy feat. This takes technology that is updated and you need to update your team as well.

Concern 2 - Challenges With Monitoring

Remote guards are not able to physically patrol the property, so they may have difficulty detecting security breaches. This can be a problem, especially if the property is large or if there are a lot of blind spots. That is when security guard monitoring software is helpful. It helps you schedule the remote security guards so that there is an appropriate number of guards securing the property at all times.

Concern 3 - Challenges With Security

Some people are concerned about the security of remote security guards. They worry that remote guards may not be able to protect the property as effectively as traditional security guards. People feel more secure when they have an actual human presence. Now many of the security organizations have started using remote guard tour management to handle the remote security guards patrolling. This gives security guards a clear sense of process they need to follow. 

Concern 4 - Lack Of Visibility

Remote security guards are not physically present at the property they are guarding, so they may not be as visible as traditional security guards. This can make it difficult for people on-site to feel safe and secure. Have a mix of traditional guards and remote security guards so that you have covered all of the potential area. 

Remote guard scheduling is making the scheduling easy as the organizations have all of the information in a centralized location. Remote guard tour management will really help you if you are looking for cost cutting. 

Concern 5 - Cost

Remote security guards can be more expensive than traditional security guards. This is because the company needs to invest in technology and equipment to monitor the property remotely. Remote security guards need to be updated with the latest technology so that you can provide exceptional service, but you need to have a proper budget planned so that you do not go over the budget. 

How To Address Remote Security Guard Concerns

There are a number of ways to address these concerns, such as:

Using a reliable communication system: The remote security guard company should have a two-way radio system or a video surveillance system that allows the remote guard to communicate with people on-site and with the security control center. Remote guard communication is vital for remote security guards as they need to tackle any problem they have as a united front. If they spend too much time in communication, that will increase the chances of a bigger problem happening.

Using a reliable monitoring system: The remote security guard company should have a video surveillance system that allows the remote guard to monitor the property 24/7. The company should also have a system for detecting security breaches, such as motion sensors or intrusion alarms. Remote guard scheduling Systems shall be used to prevent any time theft or laziness during the shift hours.

Choosing a company with a good track record of security: The remote security guard company should have a comprehensive security plan that includes measures to prevent security breaches, such as video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and access control systems.

Using a company with a visible presence: The remote security guard company should have a security vehicle that patrols the property regularly. The company should also have a sign that indicates that the property is under remote security guard.

Comparing the costs of remote security guards and traditional security guards: It is important to compare the costs of remote security guards and traditional security guards. You should also consider the benefits of remote security guards, such as the fact that they can provide 24/7 coverage.

Security guard monitoring software is in trend nowadays and they will help you a great deal if you have the right software for your business. With adequate remote guard scheduling you will have the correct number of guards at all times. This will prevent you from having understaffed or overstaffed employees.

Communication plays a vital role in delivering the top notch services to the clients. And that can only be achieved through collaboration with both traditional and remote security guards of the company. 

FAQs About Remote Security Guards

What Is Remote Security Guarding?

Remote security guarding is a type of security service in which guards monitor a property from a remote location, typically using video surveillance and other technology. Remote security guards can provide 24/7 coverage, even for properties that are located in remote areas.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Security Guards?

Some benefits of remote security guarding include cost-effectiveness, 24/7 coverage, reduced risk to on-site personnel, quick response to incidents, and the ability to monitor multiple locations from a centralized control center.

What Are The Costs Of Remote Security Guarding?

The costs of remote security guarding vary depending on the size and location of the property, the level of security required, and the company you choose. However, remote security guarding is generally more cost-effective than traditional security guarding.


Addressing remote security guard concerns is pivotal to realizing the full potential of this innovation. While challenges exist, the benefits—efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced security—far outweigh them. Moreover, by embracing technology as a complement to the human touch in security operations, we can achieve unprecedented levels of safety and security in our homes and businesses.

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