Guard Tour Software: A Reliable Helping Hand to Security Officers

June 11, 2020

Technology has made our life advanced and the contribution of modern technical tools in security services is no more a secret. Workforce management tools have increased the efficiency of various processes in security guard companies and enable them to offer peak performance. Guard Tour System is one of the latest systems that more and more security services providers are adapting, considering its multifaceted benefits.

You will learn:

  1. What is Guard Tour Software?
  2. Benefits of Guard Tour Software to security officers.
  3. What industries can benefit from the guard tour system?

Guard Tour System developed by a reputed company can prove beneficial and enhance the performance of security guards significantly.

1. What is Guard Tour Software?

Guard tour software is a system that allows security guard companies to organize, schedule and execute guard tours and patrols at the client’s premises and ensure that the security guards perform their duties in the due timelines.

Guard tour system brings automation to the processes enabling the supervisors and security personnel to stay connected and aware of their respective duties. Any breach in services or any incident observed can easily be tracked and managed using the system.

The Guard Tour system allows the security guard company and supervisors to schedule guard tours, and track the time taken by each security guard in completing a patrol. Various checkpoints are installed where guards have to register their entry, by means of a scan card or GeoFencing, which supervisors use to track the activity and record any shortcomings of missed checkpoints.

2. Benefits of Guard Tour Software to security officers.

The benefits of a guard tour system widely depend upon the credibility of the developer. In general, the benefits include:

  • Geo Fencing:

The enhanced tracking and monitoring ability makes the supervisors more aware of any shortcomings and at the same time, makes security guards more accountable. From time calculation to missed checkpoints, and quick reporting are the key benefits.

  • Automation:

You can forget the piles of paperwork and rely on guard tour software. From reporting an incident to making notes of examinations and inspections, the guard tour system enables a range of activities.

  • Record keeping:

Again you do not need to maintain paperwork for the report and readings. The software does all that including maintaining report logs for several months and even years. You can anytime access the reports with a few clicks.

  • Easy scheduling:

Gone are the days when security guard companies have to invest a lot of resources in efficient scheduling. Security guard patrol software makes scheduling easier and error-free.

3. What industries can benefit from the guard tour system?

If you are a security guard company catering to the security requirements of a range of industries, you will be amazed to know that the software can aid you in offering flawless services to them all. You can catering requirements of various industries including

  • Educational Institutes
  • Real Estate organizations
  • Public transportation services
  • Finance Institutes
  • Warehouse departments
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Cleaning and maintenance services

If you want to extend uncompromised security services to your clients, invest in the best security guard patrol software today, and reap the benefits. However, make sure you engage with the best security patrol system provider only.

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