How Novagems Empowers you to fully manage your Patrol Operations from the safety of your home?

Mon, Jan 22, 2024

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After the whole world was forever changed many businesses had to change the way they conducted their operations as well. Inadvertently, security patrols changed as well.

How Novagems Empowers you to fully manage your Patrol Operations from the safety of your home?

Tired of feeling like a remote-control car stuck in neutral? Picture this: you, lounging in your PJs (or that fancy home office chair), sipping coffee (or maybe a power smoothie!), and yet, controlling your entire security operation like a digital mastermind. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong! Buckle up, because Novagems is about to transform you from couch potato to patrol powerhouse. And how do we do that? With a techy guard tour system of course

Forget those dusty logbooks and squinting at illegible handwriting. Novagems’ guard tour monitoring system is your eagle-eyed AI sidekick, tracking your guards like a hawk on Red Bull. GPS whispers their location, sending instant alerts if they take an unauthorized siesta (although, a power nap can fuel vigilance too!). Detailed reports paint a real-time picture of their activity. Not just check-ins, but incident reports, delayed mobile patrols, even suspicious shadows lurking in the corner. You’re not just the boss anymore, you’re the omniscient protector, watching over your property like a guardian angel with Wi-Fi.

In the ever-changing world of security, the game is evolving, and Novagems is the secret weapon transforming the way we manage security patrols. Imagine being able to control and oversee security operations from anywhere. Novagems makes it happen, blending efficiency with the ability to keep a watchful eye on your team, even if you’re miles away.

Seamless Patrol Operations Anytime, Anywhere

Novagems isn’t just a guard tour system; it’s your virtual security command center. It empowers security guards to execute mobile patrols seamlessly, no matter where they are. The system ensures you’re always in the loop, offering real-time updates directly from the field. It’s not just about managing security patrols. It’s about being there without being there. Patrol security guards need to have eyes and ears everywhere. And the system will help them in managing that. But how do we keep an eye on the security guards you say? With the same system! With the same guard tour monitoring system you can monitor the patrolling guards as well. 

Empowering Safety from the Comfort of Home

Managing security patrols without stepping out of your home. Sounds like a dream right? Novagems turns this vision into reality. Now, security managers can monitor security patrols, check guard locations, and receive incident reports. All from the comfort and safety of home. It’s not just a tool for remote management. It’s your way of keeping things secure while keeping yourself safe. With Novagems guard tour system you get instant notifications of anything happening with your security guard. 

Managing Patrol Teams with Precision

Novagems doesn’t just manage patrols; it masters them with precision. Security managers wield the power to assign tasks, track progress, and ensure every patrol is carried out meticulously. This level of control doesn’t just organize security operations. It’s your secret weapon against oversights and ensures security patrols are executed flawlessly. Patrol security guard need to have a proper channel of communication with their managers. The security guards need someone to reach out in case of emergencies. This reduces response time and human error and gives a peace of mind to your clients as well. 

Real-Time Insights for Informed Decisions

Novagems doesn’t just capture data; it captures the moment. The guard tour system provides real-time insights, turning security managers into proactive decision-makers. Addressing security breaches or incidents becomes not just a response but a swift and informed reaction. Novagems empowers you to stay one step ahead. Identify high-risk areas, optimize patrol schedules, and ditch that unnecessary guard at the loading dock. Novagems turns you into the Robin Hood of the bottom line, saving money and strengthening your defenses.

Is Novagems Your SuperHero?

Technology is your sidekick, not your replacement! Your guards are the boots on the ground, the friendly faces in the dark. Use Novagems to empower them, not diminish them. Invest in training, conflict resolution workshops, and de-escalation techniques. Make your guards confident, capable heroes, and watch their value (and your reputation) skyrocket. Remember, tech is your Robin to your Batman, not your Jarvis to your Iron Man.

With Novagems You Can -

  • Get a free demo and see how the guard tour monitoring system works from the comfort of your home. 
  • Get a packaged deal instantly 
  • Have a support system that is ready to help you whenever you need.
  • Use the guard tour system completely remotely.
  • Monitor your patrol security guard from anywhere anytime
  • Keep track of your mobile patrols in real time from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Send detailed and customized reports to your clients 
  • Alert last minute changes and send instant notifications to your security guards.
  • Schedule when you want to send the reports to your clients and save time

Novagems: Your Ally in Remote Patrol Management

Turn those security patrols into profit peaks, and watch your business soar to new heights. Now go out there and make the world a safer, more profitable place, one checkpoint at a time! And hey, don’t forget the power of a friendly smile and a listening ear.

As security challenges evolve. Novagems is the answer, providing not just strategic advantage but a personalized touch to security management. It’s where the future of security operations meets the human side of innovation. Embrace the power of Novagems – where your safety meets cutting-edge technology.

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