TrackTik alternative – Gain competitive edge with Novagems

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TrackTik alternative – Gain competitive edge with Novagems

Novagems is a one-stop-shop for effective security guard management. The software caters to the modern need for advanced security and enables security guard companies to offer top-notch services. Whether you are a security guard service provider with a limited number of clients, or an enterprise with clients in multi-locations, Novagems is made to cater to your requirements with tailor-made solutions.

Novagems allows you to have your business on your finger-tips with features including:

GPS Tracking:

Monitor your guard’s movement and record their trail for future references with GPS tracking. The recorded trail serves as a reference for performance evaluation as well as post-incident analysis. 

  • Record live locations
  • Monitor movement and record trails
  • Offline Guard Timestamp View
  • Geofencing


Utilize your manpower optimally with the scheduling feature. Reduces data entry and advanced organization saves a lot of resources. The open Shift Board minimizes shift conflicts and absenteeism. 

  • Weekly and monthly view options
  • Schedule templates
  • Open Shifts
  • Allow leave management & Shift swaps

Back Office Management:

Reduce manual labor and avoid errors with auto-generated reports and processes. Advanced technologies employed to make Novagems the most accurate workforce management software and deliver automation. 

  • Guard Timesheet 
  • Site Invoice
  • Send reports automatically

Report Management:

Security operations demand accurate reporting. From incident recording & reporting to attendance and guard reports, the security industry specialists enable generating daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

  • Tailor-made report templates
  • Easy to generate reports for security guards
  • Officer Dispatch Management  

Guard Management & Assistance:

Managing security guards contributes towards business success. The live monitoring and error-free reporting features allow efficient employee evaluation and management. It boosts accountability and makes business more profit-oriented.

  • Lone worker management 
  • Real-time incident reporting 
  • NFC & QR Code Checkpoint Tours
  • Shift and job assignment alerts


Transfer of accurate information is the essence of effective security services. Novagems is a security industry specialist based on Safe Personal Communication System (SPCS) with end to end encryption.

  • Incidents can be reported in real time
  • Char history reference
  • Vice messages, images and video transfer over chat

Client access:

Managing and nurturing clients is important and the client access feature allows security companies to offer transparent and reliable services to their clients. 

  • Customized access for every client
  • Access to selective reports only 
  • Better reporting and transparency

Tailor-made security solutions with Novagems:

Novagems is a reliable security management software that offers you bespoke solutions. Based on your security requirements, you can expect the software to tailor reports, employee schedules, and assist in overall security processes. With 24/7 customer support, cloud-based operations, real-time processing, and affordable and multi-client management features, Novagems is the only patrol management app a progressive security service company should trust for profitability and business growth.


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