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Mon, Nov 28, 2022

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Do you know that the security industry shall grow to about $31 billion by 2026? So, if you’re planning to start or grow your security company, you’re on the right track!

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To help you, we have written down sample job descriptions you can use as a template when posting jobs. So, take a look:

Job Description Template for a Security Guard

Job Description Template for a Security Supervisor/Manager

For years, Novagems has worked with many companies in the security industry. Our workforce management system has helped many security companies plan and organize day-to-day activities. So, we got to look closely at how these companies work and how they achieve success.

The first step followed by these companies is hiring the most qualified security personnel. Whether it is security guards or officers, they follow a thought-through recruitment process and pre-defined qualifying factors. So, if you have a security company looking for such qualified personnel, start by writing a clear security guard job description. This job description will not only help the candidates have a clear idea of what you’re looking for but also help you have a clear picture of your ideal candidate. You can also use this job description as a checklist to see if the candidate qualifies.

Security guard job details should be clear and concise so that the reader is not confused and lost while going through your document. A comprehensive description of security guard should include the following key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills:


Education and Training: High school diploma or equivalent. Some positions may require additional training, such as completion of security courses or certifications.

Licensing: Possession of a valid security guard license or certification as required by local regulations.

Physical Fitness: Good physical health and fitness to perform the duties of a security guard, which may involve standing, walking, and patrolling for extended periods.

Background Check: Clear criminal background check to ensure suitability for the role.

Security Guard Job Responsibilities And Duties

Security Patrol:

Conduct regular patrols of the assigned area to ensure the safety and security of the premises.

Access Control:

Monitor and control access to the premises, checking identification and authorizing entry when necessary.

Security Monitoring:

Use surveillance equipment, such as cameras and alarms, to monitor for suspicious activities and respond appropriately.

Emergency Response:

Act promptly in case of emergencies, including fire, medical incidents, or security breaches.

Report Writing:

Maintain accurate and detailed reports of incidents, observations, and security activities.

Customer Service:

Interact with visitors, employees, and clients professionally, providing excellent customer service.

Crowd Management:

Manage crowds during events and maintain order and safety. Security guards must be equipped with proper knowledge to handle large crowds

Loss Prevention:

Prevent theft, vandalism, and property damage by maintaining a visible presence and conducting inspections.

Alarm Response:

Respond to alarms and investigate their cause to determine if any action is required.

Safety Compliance:

Enforce safety regulations and company policies to maintain a secure environment.


Security Awareness: Strong understanding of security protocols and procedures.

Observation Skills: Keen attention to detail and the ability to observe and assess situations quickly.

Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to interact with diverse individuals effectively.

Conflict Resolution: The ability to handle conflicts and challenging situations calmly and professionally.

Emergency Response: Quick decision-making skills and the ability to respond appropriately during emergencies.

Team Player: Ability to work collaboratively with other security personnel and teams.

Ethical Conduct: A commitment to upholding high ethical standards and maintaining confidentiality.

Physical Fitness: Adequate physical strength and endurance to carry out patrolling duties effectively.

Problem-Solving: Effective problem-solving skills to address security-related issues promptly.

Technology Proficiency: Familiarity with security and surveillance equipment, as well as basic computer skills.

Including these key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills in a security guard job description will help attract qualified candidates and ensure they have a clear understanding of the role’s expectations.

Security Guard Scope Of Work

The scope of work for a security guard encompasses a range of responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of people, premises, and assets. The specific scope of work may vary based on the location, type of establishment, and client requirements. Here are the key components typically included in the scope of work for a security guard:


Conducting regular patrols of the assigned area to deter criminal activity, observe for suspicious behavior, and maintain a visible security presence.

Security Monitoring: 

Using surveillance equipment, such as CCTV cameras and alarms, to monitor for potential security threats and promptly respond to any incidents.

Emergency Response

Acting swiftly and appropriately in case of emergencies, including fire, medical incidents, accidents, or security breaches.

Incident Reporting: 

Maintaining accurate and detailed reports of incidents, observations, and security-related activities, such as accidents, theft, or property damage.

Technology Usage: 

Utilizing security and surveillance equipment effectively and being proficient in the use of relevant technology.


The role of a security guard is essential in maintaining a safe and secure environment for individuals, properties, and assets. The job description samples provided offer a comprehensive insight into the responsibilities and expectations associated with this crucial role. A security guard serves as a vigilant and proactive presence, deterring potential threats, responding to incidents, and ensuring the overall well-being of the premises they protect. With a focus on observation, communication, and quick decision-making, security guards play a vital part in upholding safety protocols, enforcing regulations, and providing peace of mind to all who interact within the protected space. And having a scheduling software will surely help you achieve success, try one out with Novagems.

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