June 8, 2021

Top 5 Apps For Security Guards

May 11, 2021

5 Free Security Guard Contract Samples & How to Create a Security Contract

Whether you want to draft a security services contract for the junior staff or the senior security agent, choosing the right contract is incredibly important...
May 4, 2021

5 Features That Will Improve Aviation Security Services

There’s no denying that on-site security plays an incredibly important role in Airports and the aviation industry. With more and more passengers choosing...
February 27, 2021
aviation security services

Best Practices to raise Aviation Security Services Standards in 2021

On-site security is critical for Airports and the aviation industry. With flight schedules becoming busier and more and more passengers choosing air travel...
February 24, 2021
Security Management System

Corporate Security Business and the new age Security Management System!

Corporate security has become an area of growing concern in recent years. Both small to large-scale businesses deal with a wide range of security...
February 19, 2021
Security Guard business

Promoting a Security Guard business to get Clients and Contracts in 2021

Security is imperative but also an area that has clients with many inhibitions. Will the security guard be loyal? Can I trust the security guards for safekeeping...
February 15, 2021
Security Management system

How Security Management system is revamping Home Security business landscape!

Home security is one of the challenging areas of the security service industry. As each property is unique and every property owner has its security...
February 8, 2021
NFC Tags: Streamlining Security Management

NFC Tags: Streamlining Security Management in a smarter way in 2021

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is used to locate the exact position of a patrol guard when the guard on patrol duty scans an NFC tag...
January 29, 2021
Security Management System

Security Management System: A Game Changer in Event Security Business!

From Risks, Threat and Vulnerability assessment to creating security strategies and Event Security Management Plan, event security management...